Peer Symptom Check: A 'stuck' jaw

Does anyone get on occasion a feeling that their jaw joint (for me only one side) has got glued shut slightly and it can crack briefly when you move it significantly to eat for example as if you’ve just loosened it. Sometimes I get a sustained sensation for a few minutes. Once or twice I’ve even had a sensation of fluid squishing as I move my jaw.

Anyone else had something similar?

One of the concrete things a doctor has told me is that I definitely have TMJ issues. Thankfully my jaw hasn’t gotten “stuck” yet, but it cracks all the time and my bite is never in alignment. I’ve tried a bite guard in the past back when I had intense headaches which did help the headaches at first but not the dizziness. Actually, the past 2 weeks or so I have started to think my TMJ issues have been acting up. I’ve gotten 5 headaches in 1.5 weeks, way more than I normally get. I usually only get a headache here and there, pretty much have MAV without headache normally. But this head pain has been intense and all over, especially in areas where a TMJ headache would occur. But oddly eating/chewing isn’t harder than normal for me or doesn’t cause more pain. (I have had times in the past when it has) I sometimes wonder if the headaches and pain from the TMJ triggers migraines/dizziness. TMJ issues can cause vertigo.

I have severe TMJ and my jaw goes into spasm and I am in agony for 3 days. Try steroids or a muscle relaxant if it lasts.

Hi ,

I have TMJ issues. When I feel fullness in my ear it is usually my left side, the ear with constant tinnitus. Interestingly enough I am able to manipulate the fullness by pulling on the upper portion of the ear and opening and or opening and closing my jaw.
This “fullness” feels like it’s originating right in the mandibular joint.

The area also feels numb or “dead” or “stuck” it’s odd.

In theory the fullness should be emulating from inner ear and physical manipulation of the ear should do nothing, but it does.

I believe that TMJ can somehow effect inner ear but have not seen any good solid convincing research on the topic.

I’ve never had a jaw problem, but my neck often clicks and crunches when I move it.

So, yeah, this started as fluid in my ear region which squished. Later it turned into full on TMJ on opposite side (go figure). The TMJ has calmed significantly over a long period and I rarely click now. Strength is returning (I was able to eat a decent chunk of meat the other day for a the first time in a year!). But what happens now is I get this minor ‘cracking’ sound on my other side now which stops shortly after. I don’t think this is typical TMJ, there is no pain, just an odd sound and it doesn’t seem to be the joint coming free of itself, if that makes sense.

What I’m starting to suspect is there is some fluid in my ear region that is drying and the residue is what is breaking when I start to eat …

I’ve been felled by TMJ for 2 decades. I call them my “3-day headache” and they literally knock me out for 3 days, holding onto the side of my head in agony. All from eating one bite of tough meat, or from chewing gum, or from cracking down on something hard unexpectedly. And there is never any warning! But FINALLY, I found something that works: 60mg of prednisone on the first day cures me totally. Just one day, just one dose. Thank you god.

Thank you medicine for all your do for my life! Have a great day everybody!


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btw, its funny what a few months of symptom experience will do for your understanding of your own condition.

This was NOT TMJ (although as I pointed out I have this on the opposite side and its getting much better, though very occasionally it gets DISLOCATED during the night, lol!)

This is fluid drying in my eustachian tube and is due to my Hydrops, i’m sure of it. It doesn’t bother me anymore, though it would be nice for it to disappear so I’d know my Hydrops was definitely improving.

It’s an annoying symptom though because no Doctor I’ve seen so far could explain it.