Has anyone ever taken this medication? My ent says this is the next thing we need to try.

Yup I have and it didn’t do squat but another lady who used to be a regular on here and had suffered MAV for 18 yrs started taking it and it was a huge benefit!! Good luck!

I started taking a quarter of a tablet on 7 -12, and 7-13 made me sleep and it made me kind of drowsy the next day but last night I took it and I was up every hour almost with that startle awake thing.

I take shitloads of it: 4 tablets (16 mg) in the evening and 1 in the morning. Doesn’t make me drowsy.

I started one 4mg tablet at night for 2 weeks, didn’t make me drowsy at all, if anything the opposite, when ear tinnitus recurred
I increased dose to one morning/one night since last week. have slight fizzyness in head and symptoms ebb and flow but seems to be helping,
as it’s over the counter I don’t know why a pharmacist or doctor never suggested it to me

I thought this was used as an anti histaminicum, for hayfever etc ? And I know people take it when they want to gain weight .
So does it help with dizziness issues too ?

I took 1/4 of a 1mg tab for 5 days and was drowsy everyday. Stopped taking it. Very frustrated at this point. Ent has been treating me. I made and appointment with neurologist end of August. Not sure what he could do different. Don’t think this medication is over the counter in us.