Persistent Sensory Aura

I expect Nabeel might have something to say here as he is one to suffer with persistent migraine aura. I know you guys have the visual stuff more but do you also think it can present as sensory symptoms?

I have had strange sensory perceptions in my touch for weeks now and am thinking it could be persistent aura or silent migraine.

Hi Richy

what do you mean sensory perceptions in your touch? could u elaborate further?

if you mean we humans have 5 senses that is hear, touch, look, smell, taste (i think i got them right) then yes I one my major issue is this persistent visual bullshit.

whats happening to with the touching?

Ok, it may be easier to just list my symptoms:

  • limbs (both arms and both legs) feel like they are not mine, they feel numb, tingly and detached… when i use them to do simple things, like even typing this message it feels very weird!
  • I have acheing in the limbs also
  • tingling in my face

i took this quote from “The symptoms of sensory aura usually include numbness, tingling and other “odd” sensations in the limbs, face or throughout the body.” and also this from american headache society “Sensory aura most often begins with numbness (loss of sensation: a negative feature) and tingling (an hallucination of sensation: a positive feature) of the lips and tongue on one side of the face, spreading to involve the cheek and then gradually extending to involve the hand on that same side. Many patients with sensory aura describe “heaviness” of the affected arm, and, not surprisingly, sensory aura frequently is misdiagnosed as a warning of stroke or – less often – a partial seizure.”

I have had these sensations now for around 3 weeks, but especially severe over the last week.

richy i think the detachment or not able to feel your limbs feeling is called derealisation or depersonalisation. u might want to look up these two terms on wikipedia. i have had the tingly feelings on my feet thats described in your post but i thought that was due to anxiety. it went away once the cymbalta kicked in

Hi RichyF,

Not sure if you are still on this forum but wanted to ask if you had a definite MAV diagnosis with your weird sensory symptoms?

I have been experiencing the very same thing with my legs and especially my arms on a constant 24/7 basis for a month - it seems to get worse with my triggers, in combination with disequilibrium and head pressure. I basically get the following sensations in arms and legs and face:

  • Heavy achy weak feeling
  • Feels like the nerves feeding my arms and legs are reduced somehow - like I am not in total control of my limbs or they are not mine
  • Tingling and pins and needles
  • Some intermittent numbness on skin of arms, legs and face
  • Some weird buzzing and electrical type symptoms
  • Twitches (fasiculations) in calves and toes

I am still trying to get to the bottom of this awful illness and make sure I am on the right track for treatment options.