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Personal Food intolerances

Although I’m not claiming a full ‘success story’, as experience has taught me that, at the very least, the Meniere’s will return at some point after a ‘remission’, just thought this idea might help someone.
In November last year I had a (somewhat pricey!) Imu Pro test for food intolerance. They stress that this is not an allergy test - but for food INTOLRANCES . I don’t pretend to understand the scientific facts, I am simply following my own path in trying to heal what ails my body particularly. My test turned up gluten, dairy and eggs as the biggest culprits and I have been trying to cut out as much from my list as possible. I have not done the whole elimination and re-introduction thing, but just cutting out the biggest offenders as much as possible. At the same time, I started taking Biocurcumin (concentrated turmeric) capsules which is supposed to clear inflammation from within the body.
I have not experienced vertigo or a real spin since mid-March. I am well aware that this might just be one of the Meniere’s ‘remissions’, but it seems like a bit of a co-incidence??? Or maybe I’m kidding myself:smile: Interestingly, I also spontaneously lost 5k in weight without trying!?? This is a first for me as I have had a weight problem my entire life.
I am still not entirely free of the MAV part,…the barometric changes still cause a little dizziness , as well as some of the other external triggers like lights, crowds etc, but nothing I can’t live with compared to before. My balance is, I suspect, permanently damaged along with my hearing, but I do also have to consider that my age (I’m 70) probably plays a part!


Well done Beth, long may it last. I have exactly the same intolerances, how odd!

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Yes keep up the good fight. Who knows you may have at least partially cracked it?!!

Would’nt that be nice, James!! Strange thing is that I have never noticed any of these (or any other) foods causing a reaction for me. Perhaps it’s the cumulative effect???

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Good to hear from you, Revolving. Interesting that your intolerance’s are the same! Have you noticed any improvement when cutting these foods out or reduced them in your diet.?
Hope you are keeping as well as can be expected.

Sorry for the delay. Yes my digestive system is having a hissy fit today because I was stupid and ate a very delicious but not gluten free focacia. It was lovely at the time, I was hungry and it smelled delicious! I can eat an egg once a week but more than that gives me puffy eyes. I had a very long list when I was tested including strawberries, boo hoo.

I am doing ok thank you, lots going on but somehow I remain cheerful, apparently I was born laughing which has stood me in good stead.

Good to hear you are doing so well. Mx

Hi there and welcome.

Well done!! It doesn’t matter that you understand the science if you’ve worked out what your triggers are. I have a friend with Meniere’s and I know from observation how dreadful it is. I think that her hearing is permanently wrecked and some days are worse than others.

I understand about the barometric factors. I have that trigger too (for MAV). It’s a hard one - we can’t change the barometer - but I’ve learned to live around it. I suppose that you have too? There is a good website - URL is - where one can get a forecast of barometer readings for the next 48 hours for anywhere in the world.

Ooh, 5 kg! Congratulations.

Reading such a post does make me angry. Angry that medics are so Specialist and nobody really looks at sufferers as whole people. It’s not surprising vestibular conditions don’t get correct diagnoses. They involve too many bits of the body and complex functions so they’ll not get much attention. Too complicated fir medics to ‘bother with’ it seems. The only way forwards then is the DIY approach, as you’ve done, gradually eliminating whatever you can yourself by trial n error over the years. I always thought doctors would be more interested in ‘complicated’ cases but found from my own experience it’s the exact opposite. They see one coming - like me - and do a runner! As somebody else already said the science behind it doesn’t matter. If something works for you, Whoopee. Go with It. Helen PS: Be careful with the turmeric though. It can adversely affect blood pressure and is very much an anticoagulant. Need to stop it long before any surgery and that can involve dentistry. Helen

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I hear you about the medics, Helen! I know that I have grown over cynical with age, but I often think that the bottom line is that ‘researchers’ would gain much more attention from finding remedies for visible and well advertised illnesses, but there is relatively little glory in finding relief for ‘dizziness’ (which is what most consider our whole problem to be!). As I said - ‘colour me cynical’ - and hopefully wrong!
I keep a watch on my BP as well as glucose and am aware that the tumeric as well as the Ginko I take can affect coagulation. Planning to gradually cut out some of the supplements as I hate taking anything - even ‘natural’…which is no longer fully natural anyway once it is in ‘pill’ form.

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Oh yes - we have a digital ‘weather forecasting’ barometer/temperature thingie which is my forward planning guru! The pressure does’nt seem to effect the actual Menier’s vertigo cycles - but it is a huge factor with the MAV side, followed by excessive computer/phone use…and then all the rest…
Sad to say I can’t accept congratulations for the weight loss :laughing: - it just happened - and has not changed in months! I’m presuming that it came with the sorting out of internal inflammation???

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