Petitioning the Australian government fluro lights

Hi every one call me slow but ive just heard the awful news that the Australian government are going to be fazing out the old standard light bulb banning them so we all have to buy fluro lights for our homes how dare they what is howard a dictator, i’m so mad, yes we could re fit at our own expence halogen replacements this would be expensive electrical job to do our whole homes, what tha! is the government thingking.
every one knows some epileptic , migrainures and people with erlin cant handle fluro’s , what i’m going to have to live by candle light from now on,
we need to get on to this with going to the media, the fact is the Greenies have said the the fluro lights arnt going to help the enviroment better due to the mercury involved in making these lights.
I’m realy surprised the AMA and others havent gone to the TV radio and news papers about this , dont forget if we dont speek now before the change , we’l have NO RIGHTS!!!
what are we living in bloody china.
come on guys lets get togther on this and send the message to the gov we wont be treated like this.
we should send a petition to stop our live being ruined.
jen from QLD Australia