Phone consultations with dr hain

I wrote in my story not long ago and someone commented that they had a phone consultation with Dr Hain.
Does anyone know any details into this???
I’m seeing my GP tomorrow and hoping to be able to see Dr Hamalgyi again in Sydney. The last time I saw him was in 2001 so there are probably new meds I can try to treat my 24/7 vertigo.
I gave up on doctors in 2003 as I was never getting anywhere with them and was so sick of seeing doctors weekly. So now 5 years later I’ve decided to follow up again and fingers crossed I can get some relief from the vertigo and get some of my life back.

Here is a message Julie posted last year:

"Thanks Joe. And Becky, yes Hain does phone consults outside of the country. Here is his phone number: 312-274-0197.

Good luck,


You can also find more information by searching for the post “New Hain Patient”.