Hi every one,

over the years I felt as if my mood changes were getting out of hand,and that I was worried about peri-menopause complicating my already ataxic world,well after being diagnosed with silent migraine,with vertigo, I’ve been keeping a diary on what happens when, triggers and other appeares i have phonophobia.
after my persistant everyday migriane visaul aura, I started to feel that very feeling I had tried to describe to Dr’s.

My daughter who see’s the changes in me now during a migrianes, said hey mum youre greening out arnt you?

she was right, I was feeling an internal sence that any niose even my own vioce was causing me to squirm, it was quite intense,someone turning a page even set my body on edge I felt almost as If I wanted to scream and run away to my room,
I have had this feeling for as long as I can remember, on and off.

I always said no to Dr’s when they asked me If I suffered from phonophobia
as I thought that meant that everything became louder, that’s not what I feel, it’s an almost inner body feeling not just from the ears or head it’s an all over ache, like from the middle of your body screaming it’s way to the surface.very much like and as intense as a full blown pannic attack, I used to suffer from.Dr said its an aura,

who would have known.

I just wanted to share this with you all.

hugs jen