Photophobia and medication

I started taking amitriptyline 3 days ago and when I was in a shopping center this afternoon, I had one of the most intense photophobia episodes ever (I hate shopping centers with all their LED lights and mirrors reflecting light everywhere!).

Could it have been caused by the medication or was it a coincidence? What do you think?

I tool Advil as I could feel pain in my neck, and it helped with the photophobia.



Personally, if it was me I would think it was coincidence, as my tolerance for things like that varies enormously on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes my migraines aren’t quite so bad and I find I can easily tolerate environments like you describe, and sometimes I can bearly stand up in the supermarket because of the lighting and all the visual stimuli. It doesn’t really make much difference whether I am on medication or not.

I’m not sure if your medication has any photophobia listed as a side effect though? So maybe you could check that out.

It could be that the new med has ramped up your MAV a bit… I know that when I try out new meds, I tend to feel worse in many regards. (I’m currently on day 3 of Lexapro, and my vertigo, visual issues, etc. are definitely worse.) Theoretically, it should improve with time. Hopefully.

Today seems to be better… hopefully it was just a coincidence. I have to raise to 10 mg tonight (was taking just half dose) so i guess i’ll see tomorrow how i feel.

Thanks everyone!