Physical Therapy - it worked for me

Anyone who reads this please try this. Do some research in your area for physical therapy specializing in Vertigo or Dizzy people. My local hospital’s physical therapy department has a specialist and she literally has changed my life. I have been going to 2 months now and she first tried some traditional physical therapies for Vertigo - retraining your vestibular system. It didn’t work really for me - some but not total. Then she thought and thought and did some research on her end. Turns out there are 2 muscles that run down the back of your neck/head - 1 on either side. These 2 muscles not only contribute to migraines (or are affected by them) but they have also been thought to contribute to vertigo. So she figured let’s give it a try. I have been dizzy this time around since Sept of 2014 - not constantly but always something is off. She did it the first time and the next day - boy my neck was sore - but I wasn’t as bad. She did it a second time and the next day - I wasn’t dizzy and felt almost normal (not my normal but normal normal) the second day I was a bit worse. She did it a third time and said the right side was not so blocked/locked up - that is was pretty much free. The left she said needed a bit more work. But the next day I was again normal and lo and behold for the next day as well. That was today so I can’t say what tomorrow will bring. I have 2 more visits but have hope that this is finally at and I now have hope that this may be at an end. Today is April 3rd 2015. It might just help you too.

Hi Cheryl,

thanks for sharing. I hope it keeps working for you and becomes a cure. Do keep us posted about how it goes. Best wishes.