Pie Dough Question

The last pie I baked (blueberry) had a lower crust of dough moistened with apple juice and a top crust of dough moistened with vodka. The upper crust was much flakier. I had no worries about the added booze, because after all it had plenty of time to evaporate.

This evening’s pie (half peach, half blueberry, a few cherries at the demarkation line) has both upper (lattice) and lower crusts of vodka-moistened dough. Whaddya think: will the lower crust’s vodka basically evaporate its way out of the pie over the course of the baking?

I know vodka’s probably the least chancy type of booze for MAV, but . . . I c an be a pretty avid pie-eater. Also,my wife inhaled at least a third of the last pie at one sitting, and her digestion’s rather delicate at the moment, thanks to food poisoning sustained at a restaurant. She was poisoned four weeks ago, by a dish containing chicken that was left out too long before cooking; she just finished her first week back to work! (Yes, folks, her allopathic, mainstream MD said her system was suffering from ingested toxins.)


My eyes glazed over at your pie porn post…so many different pies, such delicious pie goodness. Mmmmmmmm. Pie. :smiley:

Uncooked chicken left out too long - oh yeah, that’s Toxic with a capital T! Your poor wife. :frowning:


Phuck MAV!!! Lets all eat some pie!!! :smiley:

I heard that the alcohol bakes out. I learned this because my little daughters used to eat tons of Trader Joe’s Beer Bread which is just very simple – add a bottle of Budweiser and stick it in the oven (unfortunately TJ’s has discontinued it and we have to buy the Target brand). Anyway, they loved it so much that I got curious as to whether I was feeding them alcohol, but I checked it out and discovered that all the alcohol bakes out. I presume the same is true of vodka in crust. So I would go ahead, it sounds delicious, I would throw a scoop of vanilla ice cream on there too!

Yes please :smiley: