Pinpointing Discomfort in Head

Hi Everyone,

Whether your a Silent Migraine type like myself… or otherwise…where in your head is the Tension or Pain most noticeble? Mine has been consistent for many years. I notice the Tension and Pultzing like sensation on my right side of my head and the Temple area. Even when i lay on my right side in bed it’s more noticeable. My partner sometimes massages my head and even though it’s no cure it sure does feel good anc calms it down i abit.

Look forward to your input.


Mine is always on the left side , back of neck around to front above nose and eyes. Even the wavs I get are on that side ,massage does calm me down also.

Hi Joe,
My pain is where the scull joins the neck and across my shoulders, after a migraine it is sore to the touch, and very stiff.
Turing my head from side to side is horrid, and the pain often feels like it’s on fire.
Also at the bottom of my spine, the small of my back is sore to the touch, like it’s bruised.


Same as Jen, back of the head and neck, always, the 3 day bad ones were there (never in the forehead). Pressure and tingling in one or both temples (used to get, not now) and if I get a mig at the back of the head I am now left with neuralgia on the right side at the back in one place which is sore. Also, sometimes feel like an elephant is sitting on top of my head, pressure on top.
Pressure in the back of the head when I get dizzy and in my ears.

Predominantly in my teeth, usually the upper jaw, around the front teeth. Also “behind” the eyes, and in the temple/s.

Hi Joe,

It’s usually referred pain to my head from sore neck muscles, occipitals or scalene muscles. Never ends. The pain is everywhere and is really nasty behind my eyes.


Often left back side of head (occipital) sometimes radiates up head. Often have some pins and needles sensation in head. Also this odd wave like, electric sensation starts in mid back of head and radiates up head - only lasts a couple of seconds but I really don’t like that feeling. Sometimes head pain is different and in the front, above eyes on both sides.


The “general, constant pain” is across my shoulders into the base of my skull. Then there are the headaches which are usually in forehead, sinuses, and like a band wrapped around my head. Then there is the tension I get which is along both sides of my jaw, and the mostly my left temple, and a little on the right temple, and a bunch on the bridge of my nose which is also a trigger therapy point for me.


Thank to all of you for sharing. It is amazing how we are all so different with the location of our symptoms and the descriptions. Some of us may only have Mav while others could possibly have more than one condition so the symptoms vary.

Thanks again…Joe