Pizotifen and hot flushes

Interesting with your B12 causing the hot flushes! It might be worthwhile to get a blood test to check the B12 levels in your blood. I have a friend who took B12 for quite a while and her blood levels were far too high.

You bet me to it Katharina. I experienced extreme increase in hot flushes after trialling large quantities of Vitamin D3 prescribed because bloods showed deficiency. A second test eventually proved mine were fine. No deficient at all.

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So turns out I was a little premature with my last update. The flushing has continued much to my disappointment. I stopped B12 supplements for a month and I’ve still got the flushing. I’m not able to absorb B12 so I have to have injections - even held back on those (which caused a return of my nerve issues). I then realised the flushing started 2 weeks after I started the Pizotifen so I wondered whether I didn’t come off it for long enough so have tried coming off it again. Been off it a week so far but no improvement in flushing. However, today I had a thought that maybe it’s the Nortriptyline. I didn’t realise side effects could start at any time and I have noticed that flushing is listed under ‘very common side effects’ on the medication leaflet. And a quick search on here showed up a few people that have had this issue. So now I am waiting for Dr Surenthiran to get back to me about what to do next. Such a long drawn out process - it’s so hard to pinpoint side effects when you take a number medications/vitamins! There is also the possibility it is not medication related at all but think I’d like to reduce the Nori to see if that helps before having further investigations done. Anyway, felt important to update again in case anyone else has similar issues. Oh and all this chopping and changing as meant I’m feeling more wobbly again which isn’t surprising really.