Pizotifen - reaction

Has anyone had a reaction to pizotifen? I upped the dose about 4 weeks ago to 1mg and ever since I’ve had burning sensations and creepy crawly feelings in my whole body. My feet and arms and certain areas of the body feel like they are on fire yet when you touch it’s normal or for instance my feet are freezing. Docs have told me to stop this ASAP as seems like I’ve reacted to it. Just wanted to see if anyone else has had trouble. I’ve looked on google and can’t see any other reports of this. X

Hi Mandi,

I remember someone saying that they had a reaction like that to a drug–I just do not remember what the drug was. Hopefully they will post.

I am on Pizotifen. I have hot flashes/flushes I dont know if this is the med or the migraine