Pizotifen/Sandomigran and diet?

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been on Sandomigran since July and have put on some weight, about 2 dress sizes at the moment : (
Can anyone who is taking this med advise me of diet ideas or a health food plan that has worked for them?
I regularly exercise and eat well but just can’t seem to get control of my weight.


I’ve been on Sandomigran since the start of the year…I spent the first few months on 0.5 then increased to 1.0 and have put on about 10kgs without changing diet. My nuero wants me to start metaprolol then decrease the Sandomigran due to the weight gain. I’m too worried to do this as the Sandomigran has definitely improved my quality of life compared to before.

Thank you so much for your reply. Yes I’ve put on the same weight but my neuro just tells me to exercise more. I’ve been trying that and eating healthier but the weight won’t budge. I have tried metaprolol but it caused upset tummy issues. Has the Sandomigram changed your vision for the worse?

I don’t think the Sandomigran has helped the vision, possibly slightly worse but I’d take that over the off balance feeling I had before. I think I’ll wait until after Xmas then try the metaprolol. I tried verapamil for a couple of months this time last year which I thought helped the vision but not the off balance feeling.

It’s interesting how some meds work for some people and not others. I know what you mean when you say you accept worse vision for a reduction in the rocking feeling. Let us know howyou go. Have a great Christmas x

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