Pizotifen - should I increase the dosage?

Dear all
I am taking 3 x 0.5mg of Pizotifen per day and was told by Dr S that I could increase the dose if I felt I wasn’t improving. I have greatly improved and feel I am at about 80% better but my ears have not been very good this week so I am wondering if I should increase the dose to 4 x 0.5.mg per day. I know it is up to me to decide, but would welcome your thoughts :thinking:
I hope everyone is okay this week :slightly_smiling_face:

I would increase to get to 95% how long did it take to help u?

Glad to hear ur doing better jan I think you could increase and see how you feel if anything you can always go back down :slight_smile:

Good advice Amy and @anon96534049 - I will go for it tonight. Thank you :blush:

@anon96534049 - I have been very fortunate as I started taking Pizotifen on 11th June and once I had been taking it for 5 weeks I could feel the difference. The vertigo and eye bouncing stopped and now 3 months on I am 80% better and if I could sort out the ear and head pressure it would be fantastic. Jan

Your very welcome :slight_smile: I see dr s next week so am going to ask to try pitzotefen so did you feel any different the first few weeks or was it week 5 it started to kick in? I never know how long something should take :woman_facepalming:t2::blush:

I am taking cbd oil for ear and head pressure… I think is working. Also I am taking effexor and using my night guard, so who knows!

Thank you - my youngest daughter suggested I try CBD oil but I don’t know much about it really apart from reading that some people have found it to be helpful. How much do you take? Is the night guard for your jaw to stop you grinding your teeth? My dentist would like me to use a mouth guard and that was before I developed this. I do find that my teeth throb as well so maybe I should think about that too.

Hi Jan
My neurologist would love you as a patient…she so wanted me to be able to take high doses of this but i just couldnt work with it and put s lot of weight on very quickly. She thinks its excellent for MAV. Maybe i should give a low dose another shot…alongside Botox treatment.
Jo x

It took 3 weeks before I was on the 3 tablets per day and to start with I was up and down and it seemed a slow process. The improvement was gradual and I think I felt like I was on the right track after five weeks, but still had good days and bad days.i then realised that I was having more good days than bad and I began to feel more positive which helped. I think the diet has also helped - I am sure I was drinking too much caffeine and red wine so cutting all that out has made a difference too.
Basically I think it was a gradual process and since August I have felt almost back to normal and have started driving again , which is handy now that I have gone back to work!
I am seeing Dr S again in October so hopefully I will have made more progress, fingers crossed.

I am amazed at how quickly (comparitvely) the Pizotifen has worked but I must admit I am a bit worried that increasing the dose will affect my weight. So far it hasn’t but it does make me hungrier than normal so I have to resist the hunger pangs. I make myself eat fruit in between meals as I could easily pig out on biscuits! I have only got to look at a cake and I put on a few pounds. :frowning: I started to put on weight when I hit the menopause which was really annoying - the joys of being female - so have to be careful.
As you say it might be worth giving it another try, but it is really hard if it makes you gain weight very quickly - a very annoying side affect. I was just grateful it had stopped the dizziness and sensitivity to sounds and bright lights. I think I have been very lucky I have found something that suits me.

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Im so happy for you…keep it up💖
Jo x


you can google some info, i will write some more in detail later, but it has helped with pain. The guard is for griding teeth while sleeping.

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Effexor and cbd any interactions ? Which make CBD oil?

I haven’t noticed any adverse effects with that same combo.

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I used Charlotte’s Web Advance cbd oil. I started with their Plus version, to try it at first because it is less strong. Really helps me sleep better and helps for anxiety. Im not sure if it has helped dizziness or headaches, but ive only been using it for a month. I dont take any meds but i havent received a VM diagnosis. Just know that my left ear is weaker than right and that my brain in trying to compensate for the lost. Though i do think i might have VM too.

charlottes web, nuleaf, +cbd. I think i like Charlotte’s web oil better than all. No interactions. I am also taking valerian tincture at night for sleep. My psychiatrist told me not to use valium and valerian root together because they are similar (i never used the valium), i think the valerian root is a good addition to my combo.

I bought valerian root tea, the smell is horrible, which has really put me off from trying it, but heard is really good for sleep. Though i never knew it was similar to valium. Has that help with the dizziness?

not with dizziness, but i am calmer so i can ignore it more. Get tincture, you just put it in a little water and drink it fast. :slight_smile:

I feel the cbd oil does that for me. Just now ive notice that every time i eat something crunchy my vision shakes, im like great another thing, but i didn’t panic. Thank you for the tincture tip.

Thanks so much jan that’s really helpful hopefully this is my second med so good to have some advice :slight_smile: I am so happy ur doing well and backs at work. I think time is a huge factor in this I’llness also think when one symptoms dies down you focus on the remaining so can be hard to always see progress anyway I will update everyone after I see dr s :slight_smile:

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