I took this years ago and it got rid of the headaches but not the dizziness. Because it was one of the only few I could tolerate I am trying it again.

Second night last night on half of 0.5 mg tablet. Both nights I have been having sweats with it, anybody else get this? Last night woke after 4 hours (like I usually do) I had hoped the pizotifen would knock me out and I would get more sleep, but I was awake for my usual 3 to 4 hours during the night and felt terrible. The pizotifen was making me really drugged up, felt like I had drunk a lot of alcohol. Normally I suppose, people would sleep through this but because of my insomnia I woke as usual and suffered the effects. I felt really tired but couldnt sleep.

Would I be better going straight on the 0.5 mg? I know a few on this board are on the pizotifen right now. Would appreciate your input. How are you doing on it and how was it when you started off?

On the plus side, I have got up in the morning with not such a head starting up, it comes on later in the day. Only two days, too soon to judge too much.


Last night I had just one quarter of a 0.5mg tablet and was still totally drugged up, but unable to go to sleep and was awake until 4 in the morning, slept 4 hours and woke with back of the head migraine (not very convenient as I have plans made for today involving others). Well either I have got a lot more med sensitive over the years, or they have changed the ingredients in the pizotifen since I tried them years ago. I give up :frowning:


I feel for you Christine. I too reached the “I give up” stage a few years back, funnily enough after an unsuccessful trial of Pizotifen and I’ve been following with great interest everyone’s med trials on here including your own. I’m always wondering should I try meds again when I go through a bad patch. But then I get through said bad patch and settle for life at my baseline such as it is. I just can’t face shooting myself in the foot again. I know that’s not really how it is but that’s what it feels like. I do wish you well whatever you decide to do from hereon in. I think you’re very courageous to have another bite of the cherry as it were. Good luck.


Thanks Brenda,

I went through over 20 preventatives years and years ago and finally gave up and have lived with just painkillers, serc and the odd stemetil. Seeing some success stories on here and the newer drugs, cymbalta and effexor I decided to try again. Four drugs this year and each one I reacted to badly, I dont feel there is anything else to try really. I remember saying to a migraine friend years ago, why cant they invent a preventative drug specifically aimed at migraine, that is besides pizotifen. It just hasnt happened. I am sorry you have been through the same crap. I feel like I have done full circle, sanomigran was the first drug I ever tried.

I sometimes feel there is more going on in the body to cause all this, because of the fluey symptoms, fatigue etc. I get too, plus the fact that I have some auto immune stuff going on, plus reactive hypoglycemia and B12 deficiency (diagnosis of ME as they didnt know what to do with me).

At least they are doing research at the moment on the XMRV virus which they have found in ME patients so I am hoping that may shed some light on whats going on with me.

How are you getting by on a daily basis with this illness then, what do you take for your dizziness and heads?


I think a lot of our desire to keep trialling these meds has a lot to do with just how disabled we are. For some of us, like me, I have no choice but to keep trying meds as I remain virtually bedridden, unable to function in this world or take care of myself, suffering 24/7. I really have no choice but to keep trying meds as at this point I have zero quality to my life. If I could live with some degree of functionality (ie, go to work, have some sort of social interaction, ability to shop, have a moments peace in my head, etc.) I suppose I might have given up on the whole medication rollercoaster.

Heck, I don’t like taking meds either. Prior to this illness, I hardly ever took meds. But every time I have to try a new med, or increase my dose, I always say to myself, “are you more scared of this med, or more scared of remaining this way”…

Just my two cents if anyone was interested :frowning:


Hi Lisa,

Yes I understand where you are coming from. On a daily basis, I used to be a lot worse, probably why I tried most of the preventatives years ago. If I was like you now, I would keep trying the meds, if your quality of life is zero, you havent got much to lose.

I dont mind taking tablets anymore, I would chuck anything down my throat as long as it gave me some quality of life. For me, I have always had less side effects from painkillers than I get from the preventative meds.

I was always given this impression that “take a preventative for 6 months”, wean off, and cured :roll:

If only it was that easy!

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How are you getting by on a daily basis with this illness then, what do you take for your dizziness and heads

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Hi Christine - I don’t take anything really. Painkillers only ever touched the right sided, sick, throbbing over the eye migraines I used to have but never touch any other type at all so I rarely take them nowadays. I mainly just sit things out now and in time - days or weeks, occasionally months - I gradually crawl back to baseline. I’m lucky in that I can do that because I don’t have to go out to work. I modify what I do according to my level of headache and dizziness.

I basically just follow the migraine diet with a few modifications and take supplements - magnesium, vit B complex, vitamin C and zinc. If I feel very nauseous I wear those acupuncture bands around my wrists and they seem to help.

Lisa - I fully understand what you’re saying. I am just so grateful to have at least some functionality and feel so bad for yourself and others who are so much more disabled than myself by this illness. I truly hope you find some relief soon and get your life back.