Hi Guys

Wondering if you can help me!

I was diagnosed with migraine associated vertigo a couple of weeks back by Dr Surenthiran. I have actually had this condition for 6 years but was misdiagnosed with labs/VN.

My symptoms are chronic imbalance, giddiness and unsteadiness, especially when standing still.

I was initially started on nortriptyline and gave up after 6 days because of side effects- the sedation part was flaring up my dizzy symptoms. I came off that and have started pizotifen.

The prescription I have been given is 1.5 mg 3 times a day. I took my first pill last night (0.5mg) and I have woken up today with heavy unsteadiness and am very tired and my symptoms are flared up.

I am too scared to take it again!

Can I just ask- did anyone get side effects with this med the day after you took it? If so long did they last for? Is it normal for the dizziness to feel worse initially.

Im pretty desperate right now and in need of some advice.


I’ve recently seen Dr S aswell after initially being diagnosed with Labs then BPPV and then VN…If its any use to you, I am also on Nort, at 10mg at 1st and currently 20mg.My symptons are not improved (only 4 weeks in) but no worse…Twice I’ve tried to up to 30mg and both times had to drop back down after 2 days in each case.The increase from 20mg to 30mg was horrific and made dizziness twice as bad. I’ve put it down to increasing too early in my case

I’d give it another shot maybe once you’ve settled back down to the usual level


Hi chronicdizzy

I was on Pizotifen for 8 months and yes it made me feel worse to start with. It’s always scary when something supposed to make you feel better makes you feel worse but it seems par for the course with some of these meds. In the end it wasn’t the med for me but I think there care some on this board who have had good results with it.


Most of these meds have a “getting used to” time frame. FOr some, it’s terrible…for others, a bit bothersome…the best bet is to start low…go slow…you have to let your brain get used to this stuff…my doctor says you need to “sneak up on the brain”…lol…
if it’s terrible, it might not be the one for you, but if it’s just making you feel slightly more dizzy, anxious or all around “weird”…you might want to try a benzo to calm down the nervous system while you wait the few weeks for the meds to kick in. MOst doctors are fine with hat.
GOod luck!