Plain salted chips -a trigger?

Yesterday I ate plain salted chips, and today I feel worse. This has happened before, so I am wondering if the chips can be a trigger? I am following dr. Buchholz’ diet, and he says they’re safe. Anyone else react to plain salted chips?

I can’t document it, but for some reason I’ve quit eating white potatoes (a real sacrifice for me). I must have seen them on some OFF list.

I eat potatoes almost every day, so I don’t think that’s the problem for me (well, of course they might be a trigger as everything else, but I don’t think they’re the culprit here). I got worse after eating plain tortilla chips, too. Might be a coincidence, of course. Just trying to figure this out - it’s not easy to know what the triggers are when I have dizziness and headache 24/7…

have you looked at the ingredients for hidden MSG?

Chips don’t generally bother me…but some (not all) chinese resteraunts…i have had bad reactions from the MSG.

— Begin quote from “Julie”

have you looked at the ingredients for hidden MSG?

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Yes, I have checked, but didn’t find anything. I searched the net and read that excessive salt can trigger migraines, so maybe that could be the problem. But I could also be wrong about the chips being a trigger - maybe I have reacted to something else…