Planes, trains, and autos...lesser of the three evils?

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if any of you have experienced a long train ride and if you think it was worse or better compared to a long drive or flying in an airplane. I need to travel over 1000 miles.

For me driving more than an hour can make my head worse than usual and makes it really difficult to drive. Earlier this year I flew and it was way worse than driving for me… I almost lost it on the plane. If a train ride can be worse than car, then I may just heavily sedate myself and suck it up for a three hour plane ride, versus being trapped on train for 24 hours. I’m terrified to fly again, and scared to try the train. If I drive it will take me two weeks to get there!


I would say heavily sedate your vestibular system and fly. I’ve experienced terrible Mal de Embarquement symptoms from car rides-- the main problem is that your vestibular system senses one thing and your eyes see something else- your brain gets confused and dizzy. I would suggest a combo of Bonine (over the counter meclizine) klonopin (or any benzo really) your brain and vestibular system will be sedated. Bonine is strong-- you generally only need half a tab, atleast in my own personal experience.

good luck,

Hi Crystal,

I think it depends on the person and how serious your condition is. I know that in 1999 i flew to Hawaii (still thinking i had a inner ear problem w/anxiety) and once i arrived at my destination i had some terrible vommiting issues with vertigo and so it was an unpleasant trip. I stayed away from flying for nearly 4 years then decided to fly again…but taking shorts trips (from L.A. to S.F.). I felt uncomfortable the first few flights (over a course of two years) but currently i can fly from LA to SF or from LA to Kansas City without much problems. I increase the anti-anxiety medication to help me get thru the flight. Also…i took Amtrack many years ago when i still was not yet diagnosed with MAV…(doc’s thought i had severe anxiety-+inner-ear problem)…and i recall when the train first begins to roll on the tracks and cars are sort of swaying from right to left to left to right for awhile (I was a little uncomfortable) till the train picks up speed and as i recall things were fine afterwards. Long car rides (a number of years ago)…especially when i am doing ALL the driving (from San Francisco to Dallas, Tx) and my eyes were very strained and i was tired and i recall when getting a hotel in Dallas and going to bed…i fell asleep and woke up up from sleep feeling like i was going to go into a vertigo spin. Luckily it did not happen. So depends on what stresses and takes a tool on you + tireds you out most…especially on your eyes…could be the one to stay away from.



Hi Joe - Hi Selena,

I want to thank you both for your responses. I made it to my destination! I decided to fly, since it is the quickest way to travel. I was able to get some Bonine/meclizine, and a prescription from my doctor for three Ativan tabs for the flight. I ended up taking a Bonine the night before, and took two Bonines two hours before, and I felt OK during the flight… wasn’t nearly as bad as my last experience, still pretty uncomfortable though but tolerable. I’m glad I was at least able to function somewhat this time. I think the Bonine really helped. On the return flight I think I will try the Ativan with the Bonine.

Thanks again!



Glad to hear your flight went well!!!