Please Help Me With Food

Hi please can anyone tell me what I can eat? Im not sure what to have for breakfast. Im not even sure if brown rice and chicken are ok on the migraine elimination diet. Help plssss???
Lydia x

Everything I research has conflicting views. I need to know a breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks pls. I only drink water so ive got that covered x

Ive done quite a lot of research too. My personal opinion is avoid the 6 Cs as much as possible AND keep salt low. Eat fresh as much as possible. Oh and drink lots of water or herbal tea!!

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Thank you

I’m off meds but far from recovered. The migraine triggers are relatively easy to find as the effect is almost immediate, especially when unmasked by meds. I simply can’t eat chocolate brownies anymore. The vertigo trigger is MUCH more difficult to identify as it can build up over days. Vertigo is probably much harder to control. If you can find any sure fire method to control vertigo other than a low salt diet I’m all ears!! (Badoom tish)

Perhaps take a look at my Poll:

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Added a poll just about people’s opinion on salt:

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[quote=“turnitaround, post:5, topic:14428”]
I simply can’t eat chocolate brownies anymore.[/quote]

Now this is sad. Someone needs to invent a “chocolate substitute.” (I know that carob is sometimes used but it’s just not the same to me.)

I think this is true for me, too. Some of my vertigo attacks occurred after I had taken a trip somewhere. I think it was because I had to eat at restaurants during the trip, which always prepare food with salt. I cook and eat a low-sodium diet as much as possible so the contrast when traveling is that much more pronounced. But the vertigo usually didn’t happen right after eating a restaurant meal - it might not happen until a few days after I got home.



This is very interesting thanks for taking the time x

Al, have you noticed any improvement or reduction in vertigo frequency over time? Can you attribute any of that to low salt do you think?

My problem is I love to eat out. It’s my one guilty pleasure (if one should feel guilty eating in a good vegetarian cafe).

BTW all my vertigo is positional these days (is that progress?!) but I’m convinced it’s about high inner ear pressure worsening with head pressure

It only takes me 2 good nights to almost feel normal again. But 2 good nights are rare

Can I please ask what should I eat for breakfast? Is brown bread ok or porridge made with water. Im realls struggling to figure this all out x

I have shredded wheat in coconut milk. Almond milk is another option. Oats is fine too. No milk (apparently)

Bread has a lot of salt in it. Limit to one or two slices.

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Thank you for that. I thought wheat and coconut and nut milks etc were on the no no list? X

Not in the 6 Cs. The milk substitutes do contain salt so you have to be careful with how much. I’m definitely open to suggestions to improve my choices.

Seems like high potassium or salt is an issue. How you minimise both is anyone’s guess ! Starve?!


I honestly don’t know. It’s so frustrating. My attacks have changed over the years. The reason I’m back on forums and doing research is because I don’t think my attacks are more frequent, but they’re more “violent” (best word I can think of). If I’m standing when an attack occurs, I will fall for sure. In the past the attacks were milder and I wouldn’t lose my balance (and my vision didn’t get completely scrambled).

But back to the salt… I originally started on the low-salt regime because my diagnosis was vestibular neuronitis, which would be ear-related, so I figured a low-salt diet couldn’t hurt. The latest (but questionable, in my mind) diagnosis is vestibular migraine. So for VM, theoretically salt shouldn’t make a difference.

I like to cook so at home I make my own soup stocks when I can (just cooked a turkey today and will make stock tomorrow). If I have to use canned broth, I buy the lower-sodium variety and use half as much and use water for the rest. I buy no-salt-added cans of beans, tomatoes, etc., and if I can’t do that for the beans I rinse them well. I don’t add salt to anything if the recipe calls for it but I might increase the amount of spices a little bit. Then if it’s something that just really needs salt for taste, I’ll lightly use the salt shaker on my portion on my plate. (I once read that doing it that way puts the salt on the outside of the food, where your taste buds will pick up on it more than if it’s mixed in.)

I still occasionally eat out but I try to space it out so that if I eat out one day, I don’t eat out again the next day. I’m so used to my low-salt cooking that when I eat out, afterward I can REALLY tell if the food was salty because I will be thirsty for hours afterward.

And my hubby of nine years had to adapt to my low-salt cooking but now he also notices how salty everything is when we eat out.

James, if you’re eating at a vegetarian cafe, you might ask them if they can prepare your food with no salt, or at least direct you to some of the lower-salt items on their menu. I’ve found that vegetarian restaurants in general seem to be more accommodating to special requests.

I also found a website that has some very good vegan recipes that are all made with NO salt. The woman who created them, Cathy Fisher, is vegan and uses no meat, no dairy, no eggs, no oils, and no salt. I’m not vegan so I do use milk when she calls for non-dairy milk, and will use broth sometimes when she calls for water (such as in soups). The site is: and if you’re interested I can tell you which recipes I’ve made and liked.

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And moreover, the underlying etiology of both MAV and VM are not understood, and in my mind could easily be rooted in ‘ear trouble’.

I was diagnosed initially with MAV. I knew it was not a migraine root cause because I experienced dizziness at first after ear trauma. On reflection I’m comfortable with the diagnosis of MAV but it must be understood that MAV is probably an inner ear condition. I subsequently received two diagnoses of Hydrops, one of them was specifically ‘Secondary Hydrops’. This makes a lot of sense. And then it dawned on me that SEH is probably the same thing as MAV. But I digress! …

Great suggestion! My only concern here is they ‘pre-prepare’ large parts of the meal so hard to provide a truly ‘special version’.

thanks for the recipe link!

Yes, I know. But it can’t hurt to ask and they might at least be able to tell you if any of their dishes were prepared with less salt than others. (I haven’t tried this myself yet, at a restaurant, so I don’t know how successful you’ll be.)

Guys my thoughts about Potassium levels are changing. I’ll report back soon but I’m no longer convinced restricting Potassium is good for you nor will help reduce symptoms or offer a cure.

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Good morning. Do you know how i can contact the dizzy dr. Both numbers ive tried are incorrect. Thanks x

I think this is REALLY sensible.

Also I think you can aim to minimise salt during the day as much as possible at other times.

Which doctor?

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