Please help

I can’t take it anymore. Everytime I look around objects look like they are pulsating and breathing. I am so sad, I want my life back. I feel like I am getting worse and worse. I know there are worse illnesses out there, but this is so debilitating to me. It’s getting harder to walk. The only saving grace right now is I feel better in the car although I am getting more carsick, and I feel so much better outside. I’m just worried I’m going to get to the point that I won’t be able to walk outside anymore. I go back to the neurologist in a week. Should I start on verapamil or an antidepressant. I just want to improve. These symptoms are horrible, and I’ll be perfectly happy living at 75% of my former self for the rest of my life since I’m probably living at about 25- 30% right now. (of course I’m shooting for 100%). I just want the gound to be flat again and for the visual vertigo to go away. Does everyone else feel a lot worse inside?

Please read the SO SAD - ANY ADVISE? thread. There is lots of good support and suggestions there. Hang in there.

Yes, I also feel horrible inside and outside and want my old life back. I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that I probably will never have that. It’s a tough thing to accept. You are right when you say there are worse illnesses out there, but quite truthfully this is one of the most debilitating. It may not be serious in the way that cancer or severe heart disease is but it is extremely debilitating in that your are unable to function in the way that you are used to or in the way that most other people can. Don’t let anyone minimize what is going on with you or make you feel guilty because it isn’t terminal. Making it worse is that you probably look very normal and no one would suspect a thing is wrong by looking at you. And, also, it is very difficult to explain what is wrong to others - tying to get someone to understand that objects are pulsating and breathing - yeah, right!!!

Have you tried anything for this? If you doctor suggests verapamil or an anti-d by all means try it. You won’t know if it works unless you do. Many others here have had great success with these.

I used to feel just like you do. Yes, being inside does make it worse for me, and it expecially did back in my bad vertigo days. I think all of the different objects in my visual field cause more confusion for my brain. Long hallways, aisles, and cubicle walls are the worst. Are you taking any medication right now? If not, I think you should try something to treat your immediate symptoms while you are waiting for a preventative to kick in. You could try a benzo, meclazine, or even over-the-counter dramamine to see if any of them take the edge off. At a minimum, they may help you rest.

If you are depressed, not just upset about your condition but truly depressed, I would start with an antidepressant. Otherwise, I would start with Verapamil because of the smaller chance of side effects. Also, it sounds like vertigo is your primary complaint, as it was for me initially, and Verapamil helped me to get that under control. See what your doctor has to say. Get started on something, though.

Hey Dizz,

I think what Marci said is right on the money - if depression is in the picture (and it has gotten most of us at some stage) then starting on one of the antidepressants makes the most sense. While Effexor appears to be the best one for MAV if we go by what Hain says, you will likely find that any of the SSRIs will make a dramatic improvement in your case. There’s no question that depression and anxiety will cause MAV to be so much worse. I can promise you that you will pull out of this. Try your best not to think about things getting worse and worse. MAV has an insidiuos way of producing catastrophic thinking. I had it in spades thinking I would never be able to work again, or use a computer again. None of it true. Check out Molly’s post in Lisa’s recent thread. She was in a very bad place with hard core dizziness just 8 weeks ago. Paxil pulled her out of the MAV hole rather quickly.

Really sorry to hear you feel this crummy on this holiday weekend. Hang in there and see about getting onto an AD if you can.

Take care … Scott :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Scott, Marci, for all of your support.:slight_smile: It means so much to me. I try to keep positive but its so hard.

Thanks bcrelief, bookworm also. :slight_smile:

I’m going to try everything possible to get my life back. I hope I’ll be one of the lucky ones that the first medicine I try will work.

Hi Dizzynaz,
Yeh I feel worse inside especially in small areas as the shower bathroom small corners and hallways.
It 's a horrid illness and I’m sorry you’re having these symptoms, I’ve had them too, and you will get through this and find a med that suits you.
I know that’s no compensation right now, but I just want you to know things do get better.
Please feel free to ask anything.
There are success stories we hear about them every day, people who have left the mav forum have gone on to live dizzy free lives.

This will also happen for you.
It just takes some time to find the right med and stick it out.
yeh easier said than done somtimes I know.

We are here for you.
hugs jen

I, too, feel my worse in closed spaces. open spaces are the best - not great, but better than closed spaces. Showers are awful for me, as are corridors.

Thanks Jenny, Lisa.

Thanks for making me feel better Jenny. :slight_smile: