Please SOMEONE help me to understand what is going on w/Me!

I feel like I am absolutely losing my mind!

I started getting vision issues in 2006; they got worse in 2009 after stopping prozac. After I had my son and tried going back on the meds I starting getting a daily migraine along with visual snow, after images, etc. I was treated with verapamil after a year of suffering and diagnosed with basilar migraines. My migraines went away, but not the vision stuff. I stopped the verapamil after a year because my blood pressure was dropping pretty low. I started experiencing a lot of issues with driving, like feeling tired, or like I was sitting still and everything was coming at me real fast. I went to a neurotologist and did a bunch of tests that determined I had vestibular loss in both ears, more so my right which has tinnitus. I was given some vestibular exercises to do to help with the dizziness I was experiencing when driving.

Now since doing the exercises I seem to be getting worse. EVERY single time I get into the car I feel like I am sitting still and everything is coming at me. Today when driving down the road and going over a crosswalk all of the lines on the crosswalk seemed to be moving left to right. I keep feeling like things I am looking at, like text on the computer, like the lines are moving one way and the set of words below that are moving in another direction. I am at my wits end and really feel like I don’t want to be here anymore to see how much worse this can get. I feel like someone slipped me a hallucenating substance. I can’t find anyone who has EVER experienced this type of stuff before, I just feel so alone.

Checkout the VISION post from dizzieLizzie on June 20. She also has similar issues with things moving.

Ah yes. Been there. Still there to a degree, but far better. I am three weeks into a new med, and while my vertigo/off balance feeling is still there, my persistent visual aura (which has been going on all day every day since October of last year) is finally abating. I have some periods with no visual issues, but still get after images, trails, geometric sparkling patterns and a whole host of other visual crap that fluctuates with the migraines. There is hope for things to get better! I also have chronic basilar migraines, and sadly there is a lot that come with basilar attacks that many people don’t ever experience. It’s definitely an adjustment. It doesn’t sound like driving is safe right now. Personally, I would not want the responsibility of being behind the wheel while impaired, but obviously that is a choice everyone needs to make for themselves.

Hi, Dizzyforlife - That is great news that things are starting to get better. I know when I came off of the verapamil I realized just how much better all of my visual symptoms were. I am debating on going back on, but want to start getting more vigorous with the butterbur. I actually participated in a study regarding the visual symptoms with these migraines… flew all the way out to California, so I am hoping to hear back about that soon. It would be nice is a treatment could be found just for that area :slight_smile:

I hope your new medication continues to give your more and more relief!! :slight_smile:

Dizzyforlife what medication r u on? I suffer from this persistent visual aura as well n still searching for a drug that will work on my visuals.O


I was wondering if you might want to take it easy on the vestibular rehabilitation exercises, as a lot of migraineurs find they make their problems worse, not better. In fact getting worse when doing these kind of exercises is quite typical of VM. Some people on here have found them helpful in the long run, but only once their VM was under good control with medication.

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nabeel - we added Cymbalta to my cocktail, though I may have to switch to Effexor due to insurance so I hope that one works too. The side effects are still a bit rough right now, but they are improving so I’m sticking it out.

Also, I totally agree with beechleaf. When I would do VRT exercises, I would be so unbelievably sick and be out of commission for a good 48 hours after. We stopped them, thank god, and honestly it’s no loss to me right now. I will go back when stabilized, which is the general recommendation. Maybe you could ask about your options regarding those exercises. I definitely wouldn’t want to second guess your doctor, just sharing my experience with it.

Hi Everyone, I can relate to all of this so well! Dizzyforlife - are your visuals still improving on Cymbalta?

— Begin quote from “Brookie”

Hi Everyone, I can relate to all of this so well! Dizzyforlife - are your visuals still improving on Cymbalta?

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They improved to a point, then stalled. Kind of a bummer, but the overall intensity is still decreased on a regular basis (only increasing in intensity before a doozie of a headache) so for now I will take it. I have a few different issues with my vision, all constant, nearly all of which are in the middle of my visual field, so while I can still see through them to read, work, etc., they are very VERY annoying and a constant reminder of my, uh… “specialness”