Plums -are all triggers or just red ones?

In the book Heal Your Headache, **red **plums are listed as a trigger. Does this mean that yellow or green plums are ok?
I love plums, and have been eating quite a lot of them lately. The thing is that I have also been feeling a bit worse lately… The weather here has been really unstable, so I’m thinking (hoping…) that that might be the reason I’m feeling worse, and in that case I’d like to keep eating plums :wink: Do any of you have any experience with eating plums of different colours?

Funny you should ask this because I have tried eating yellow plums again this last couple of weeks. I hadn’t eaten any of any colour for almost three years. Fingers crossed I’ve been ok with them. My dizziness is no better, no worse. I must say they’ve been a real treat. I’ve also had a couple of greengages and was fine with them too.