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POLL: Have you/do you intend to take a COVID vaccine?

Did cipro make you dizzy when you took it?

Opps, sorry :flushed:, I read your question wrong the first time.

I did not experience dizziness when taking cipro, but I took it before my accident, before I had VMs.

I have not had to take any antibiotics since my VMs started, so I’m not really sure if it would make me dizzy now.


I’m so anxious to take the vaccine to worsen My dizziness right now since I’m chronic but I’m a teacher and I know I should because I have anxiety to get covid which itself causes dizziness.

Any tips?

It is definitely a personal choice.

I’m an engineer so I look at the math a lot. If you have anxiety either way - getting shot may make dizziness worse vs. getting covid may make dizziness worse. If I am reading what you wrote correctly, and I may not be.

Statistically speaking, the probability for an unvaccinated individual to die, be hospitalized or transmit the virus to others these days is incredibly high.

I got the J&J two days before they pulled it off completely to investigate the blood clot deaths. People were panicking. I didn’t even want to let people know I had gotten the J&J because of some of the anxiety provoking reactions I heard.

I decided to do my own research into the exact number of blood clot deaths and found that there was a much higher probability for being struck by lightning. I just told myself I’m going to be fine and refused to get sucked into the rising media/social media panic.

You have a right to chose what is right for you. Sometimes it is helpful to silence the noise and stimulus around us to figure out what that is.

I suffer from bad anxiety and just got through with a session with my counselor where we ended with a meditation. It was very helpful for me to calm my anxiety by listening to my breathing and remembering to come back to my breathing when my mind began wandering off.

That’s my two cents. Whatever your decision, I wish you peace and good health without dizziness, anxiety or covid.


I have autoimmune Thyroid since 1995, Vestibular Migraines since 2005. Diagnosed with PPPD at Mayo Clinic in 2014. Constant dizziness since July 2013, Got Johnson & Johnson vaccine over a month ago. No change in any of my symptoms.