Poll Migraine Pain vs. Dizzy

Thanks to Scotts instructions, I have added a real poll that tracks for me.

[size=150]Let’s pretend that a Doctor told you, we have a cure for Migraine pain and one for dizzy/imbalance, but you can only choose one cure, which would you pick?[/size]

If you posted your vote in a comment, please redo…I am just curious which symptom people find most debilitating


Definitely Dizzy/imbalance!


I’m not dizzy that much these days so would probably take the headache/ pain removal option.


Hi Scott,

How come you’re not dizzy anymore?

Did you start off dizzy and then did it taper off over time or do you take something for the dizziness?

Does dizziness normally get worse or better as time goes?

Thanks sue :smiley:

Def pick the cure for the dizziness, every time! I can work through migraine pain, take painkillers etc. if I have to. Can do nothing when really dizzy.


Hi Sue,

I still get dizzy but it comes and goes in “episodes”. Sometimes I’ll be dizzy for a day and then nothing for weeks. Last year when I was all stressed out over the new job start I was really dizzy for about 6 weeks non-stop. If I get a virus, that will usually leave me dizzy for a few days. The non-stop stuff ended in 2004 after what I think was a major VN attack and a good dose of Celexa. Shortly after the VN attack I had rotational vertigo going on and heavy dysequilibrium as though I had just jumped off a merry-go-round. The vertigo went on and on for 9 months until Celexa wiped it out.

I can’t lie on my side in bed or it causes dizziness as does listening to an ipod and staring at a computer screen. Can’t multi-task that one. Playing guitar also leaves me dizzy. No one knows why that is.


You are right Scott, we have wiped out a certain amount of this dizziness through just knowing what to avoid. The “guitar thing”, I found was the head being bent down and to one side. I suggest playing it behind your head :lol:


I voted for dizzy on the basis that dizzy means full on vertigo. Annoying and tiring as it is I can handle some disequilirium, spongy bouncing floors and a sensation of falling but full on vertigo takes the biscuit. Being unable to walk in a straight line and having very limited co-ordination coupled with nausea just sucks. I’m lucky that I rarely get ‘pain’ and when I do it is usually bearable (face pain, neck pain) and I can push through it. It is impossible to push through vertigo.

I wonder why so many docs are treating the headache more than the dizzy? (Verapamil for example, most people say it helps the headache but not the dizzy)

This was hard because I would like a cure for both. But my doc said if my migraines could be decreased to 2 times a month, then I would tolerate VRT. Then perhaps I could really get back to walking and get my life back. I have faith that this will happen someday.


I found the two options very difficult to choose between. I ended up choosing pain, as over the last 20 years, the problems caused by my headache migraines have outweighed the (horrible, awful) dizzy times. I usually have headaches around a third of the days of a month, but in bad spells it can be up to 20.


Unequivocally the dizziness!!


I’ll take the cure for pain please. The dizziness comes & goes and (knock on wood) is tolerable - some days are bad, most are slightly annoying. But pain, for me, affects everything.


Definitely voted for the dizzy as this is why I had such anxiety & panic attacks. I had many bad migraines but it’s taken 18 months to get proper med for the dizzies. Have had bad migraines for years but at least me & the docs know what it is so it’s not so scary. I think it comes down to the med professionals being more educated about the connection between migraine & vertigo & a lot more research being done into this condition. If I’d had the right treatment I’m sure I’d have got through this a lot quicker.

I feel like I can manage/tolerate the head/neck pain. When I’m dizzy, I am pretty much useless.

I vote for dizziness! I rarely get any pain, but have had dizziness and or disequalibrium for 6 months straight. Some days I feel great, then I might have my head in downward position for something and BAM, dizziness. Certain computer screens and lighting set it off, too. Since I cannot live in a computer and fluorescent light-free society, I definitely need the dizzy cure!

I voted for dizziness, mainly because I associate thick-headedness more with dizziness. Thinking and communicating clearly come first for me.