Poll: Smokers/Non-Smokers

I’m curious to see if there is a large dip to either side of this poll.
Please only answer if you feel this is not too personal for you.

Please also add if you think smoking affects your mav in anyway.

My Personal Experience with smoking and Mav
I know that I can feel somewhat clear headed, then have a ciggie and feel foggy for a lot longer than usual afterwards. I’ve broken up an uncountable amount of cigarette packets whilst having this condition and wanted to know if others are; smoking-through-it, have found that quitting has helped them with recovery (in anyway) or they’ve never touched a smoke in their life.

I come from a large smoking-family background and know that if I don’t quit I probably won’t start feeling much better anytime soon, but that’s just my personal experience. I know the toxins and poisons are holding my brain back from compensating each time I light up. I used to think they helped with the stress/anxiety of it all, but really they’re just wrecking my overall health and making me feel more fatigued than what the mav can do all by itself. Lord knows mav doesn’t need any help with it’s destruction of my once very active life!

Thanks for taking part in my little polling experiment

I am a smoker. Feel dizzy when I smoke but feel dizzy when I don’t, so thats my excuse for not giving up. Have seen countless numbers of doctors over the years and not one has told me directly that smoking doesn’t help or causes my problems, so I am afraid I carry on. If a doctor gave me hard scientific proof of what smoking does with regards MAV and a reassurance that I would be better once giving up, then I truly would. So if anyone has something, some link somewhere that I could read and see the words ‘give up, it will help your MAV’ symptoms because…’ then I would love to read it.

i have had the odd sneaky cig (was going to say fag but the American people will laugh at me) when i have had one to many :smiley:

Hope we’re talking about tobacco.
I’ve given up all caffeine (all coffee, tea, soda including decaf), all alcohol including wine, chocolate, cheese, nuts, peanut butter, cured meats, ham, pizza, yogurt, hot dogs, chinese food, fresh baked breads, citrus, ice cream, etc. etc. Much easier to do with Topamax. That being said, I’m pretty unwilling to give up cigarettes at this point.

Good news is I have cut down from almost 2 packs a day to about 1/2 a pack a day which I attribute to the Topamax…no change in my 24/7 dizziness, disequilibrium and brain fog.