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Positive Update 2-12-2018 and Hormones

I am so happy (and nervous) to report this update. It is just anecdotal; just about me. But maybe you can find a similar thread in your experience. I certainly hope so. Remember to read my story so you can compare symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. My severe vertigo and neurological symptoms began 9 years ago.
I have always felt that a big triggering factor for me was hormones but I know of no studies which have followed this thought through in a long term study. However, 6 months after my last period (true beginning of menopause) I had my first severe attack of vertigo which left me with Afib due to dehydration. That summer I also began hot flashes which were always worse in the hot summer months. You can read the rest of my story in my blog. My summers were always worse for vertigo.
After several years of suffering and being wiped out from Meclizine and Benedrill, I found a specialist at UCI who said I was on the Migraine continuum (without headaches), needed a course of Nortriptyline and must begin the diet for migraine. I followed through on all of this, however, it did take a few years for me to wrap my head around the diet.
Fast forward. My last course of Nortriptyline was consumed over a year ago. This past summer and fall, on record as very hot ones in southern California, I did not have any hot flashes for the first time in many years. It may be just a coincidence but I do not think so. We will see if my positive state continues. So here is what I know:

I am off all alcohol and coffee (I do put 1/4 tsp of regular instant in my decaf and it seems to be okay. It gives me a little stimulation for the morning).
I rotate fresh avocado and banana and an orange through my week and seem to be okay with that.
I do still eat home a lot to reduce MSG. No Asian food.
I eat plain dark chocolate everyday - about 1 oz.
I now can sleep on one pillow.
My hearing in my bad ear has improved; not for sound discrimination but for sound as observed with my ear phones. I have not lost all hearing in the bad ear after all. Tinnitus is improved.
I still get fluctuating ear fullness but it is well helped with Allegra (allergy over the counter medication) or Nasonex. I use these every 3 to 4 days. Something still appears to cause “swelling” and I do not believe it is in the inner ear. If it was, then these medications would not work. I think it is related to allergies and heat stimulation, like from exercise and warm weather.
I do eat salt, drink 60 ozs of fluid a day and drink a tiny amount of caffeine to keep my blood pressure from dropping low. (This is another trigger)
On occasion, I have a beautiful moment when my ear feels great and there is no tinnitus or fullness. It is wonderful but fleeting.
I get only a rare feeling of vertigo, for a split second. I do avoid bending my head over, too much left- right eye motion and turning too quickly.
I now avoid some foods which I feel I have an allergic sensitivity to: strawberries, cantaloupe (the grasses) and watermelon ( a quarter cup once in a while is okay).
I am being careful and I sure hope this continues. I may go to an allergist to find out more about what is causing the swelling that gives the sensation of ear fullness, now that the vertigo problems are 95% gone.
Good luck to all of you. Hope my site and updates are helpful. Beware of un-knowledgeable doctors and charlatans out there who are willing to sell you something not helpful. (


@spinninggirl1, your blog has been very useful to me, especially the diet “lost and found” page. (Please don’t take it down any time soon!) I’m glad to hear that you are doing well and have figured out some of your triggers!

I could easily say ‘snap’ or even ‘hey twin’ at this point. Odd really when the migraine specialist neuro told me my symptoms were all the wrong way around to be hormonal. I didn’t believe it then and most certainly don’t now. Not my sort of coincidence at all. Since being medicated and no longer having constant symptoms I see the link clearer with each passing day. I still experience a range of symptoms but if I am suddenly dizzy these days it’s either directly before or after a hot flush. Enough said.

I have today read some of your blog (very informative and as @manatee says I hope it will remain for others in the future) and our history seems almost identical starting from motion sickness on fairground rides onwards. I too went years misdiagnosed in my case as BPPV. One difference would be my sick headaches as a pubescent departed with the arrival of menarche and I was free of them thereafter my condition turning up as vertigo five months after my last ever period.

It’s amazing the lengths you have obviously gone to with regards establishing triggers most particularly food triggers but I truly cannot imagine many people, apart from the likes of you and I, persuing a solution with such dedication. It’s good to see you have benefitted from all your research and whilst I know caffeine, MSG, histamine and thyramine etc are strong triggers I think, and I have yet to reach that square on the games board, your comment

May prove, even get, to tell it all. Helen