Post #100

Sorry, this post is actually is nothing. I have a little OCD and just had to post something just so it would say that I have 100 posts and not 99. I had to do it. The number 99 was bugging the shit out of me. I just kept looking at 99 and thinking, I’m just one more post away from 100. I know, it’s stupid… But Cheers everyone and have a good weekend. :smiley:


That’s funny Greg…Hmmm… ocd yehhmmm :lol:
good thing we need those OCD meds to get well, sure might help with that, ti ti ti

Jen, you better be careful, you’re close to 1200 posts. Don’t look now! :lol:


Jeez … I hadn’t realised I cracked 2K! :shock:

Wow Scott, that’s a lot of posting! Give those fingers a break.


Ha ha Greg, that’s very funny.

Although I shouldn’t laugh. When I do the ironing, I have to do a number of items that’s divisible by 5…
(Am reading that and realising how strange that makes me sound :roll: )

Geesh greg , I’m falling behind must get posting! or something bad might happen…
man I’m a sad case…

Legends. I’m surrounded by legends. Love it. :lol:

Yea, the volume on the tv can’t read odd numbers either or I’ll go mad. They all have to be even. So if I turn it up and it lands on 47, then I have to click it up one more or down one. Also, when walking on a sidewalk, my right foot has to go over the cracks first and if i notice the left one go over, I have to double tap my right heal over the next crack. Soooo weird I am about that stuff. That’s about it though. Other than that I’m normal.


Hey Greg -

Normal is a relative term, isn’t it??? :smiley:

We have OCD in our gene pool, and it has expressed itself in different ways in different family members, some more subtle than others. First person I know of was my grandmother, who was a hand-washer and one of them most delightful ladies you would ever meet - everyone found her charming and I don’t ever remember anyone not liking her! My mother (her daughter-in-law) remembers the days before hand lotion came in convenient plastic pump bottles - you had to screw open a jar to get at hand cream - so people who washed their hands for 10 minutes at a time (like my grandmother always did) weren’t as likely to apply cream each time they finished washing, and Mom said my grandmother’s hands were beet red back in those days. Plastic pump bottles of hand lotion changed all that, and I never saw her hands looking bad because she became equally obsessed with pumping out and applying lotion after she washed her hands!!

I myself used to have to count railroad cars if I got stopped at a railroad crossing by a train. Ever heard of that one? Now I make myself look down so I can’t count 'em. And I do some checking - I’m afraid I’ve left the garage door open, so I double check as I drive away; also afraid I didn’t lock my car door so I double lock it as I walk away after I’ve parked (not 5 times, like a lot of serious OCD people, but double checking is a mild form, for sure!).