Posting about paid services

Please respect the site maintains discretion over what is posted.

Today we had a very recent joiner post about paid services on an untrusted novel external site claiming it might represent a cure.

It was their second post on the site. This raised a red flag (even if that wasn’t the poster’s intention)

The services advertised paid one to one coaching on how to overcome MAV.

Guys: this is what our users do on a daily basis, especially our Regulars and Staff: for free.

We have permitted posts of this kind in the past but only by trusted established users who have contributed to the site regularly over at least some months.

We have a duty of care to limit any possibility of exploitation. We know how desperate some of you are and the lengths you might be prepared to go to find a solution. We know that you are vulnerable at this time. We don’t want to facilitate any wrongdoing.

This puts us in a difficult position because we also want to provide a platform for the free sharing of information and strategies to find relief.

However in our view, this post crossed a line.

We will not serve such information lightly.

I have now limited, for the time being, the sharing of web links to members that have achieved Trust Level 2 in the community and above.

Going forward if you wish to share external sites please first engage fully with the community over several Topics. As a result your Trust Level will rise and you will be promoted Levels. Trust is also gained by submitting and receiving Likes.

Thank you for your understanding (and that goes to today’s poster too)