Postpartum MAV

Anyone have positive stories to share about MAV relating to post partum hormones?? resolve on its own? Or treatment that helped? Breastfeeding safe medication?

Taking care of two under two with near to constant rocking sensation and getting so discouraged. Onset was two days postpartum. 6wks pp now. Jumping through the doctor hoops now trying to convince them that MAV is what fits best. Can’t get lots of sleep with a newborn, hormones are obviously out of wack, and stress is unavoidable.

Kelsie this must be so difficult for you. If you are convinced you have MAV can you ask for a referral to an otoneurologist ? Do you live in the UK? If you do could you ask to be referred privately to UCLH or Dr Surenthian? That is one way to get the help you need quickly if it is possible for you to go that route.

I hope there are others on this forum who can be more helpful. I am afraid I had the last of my 3 babies 36 years ago!

I’m in the US. I have another appointment on Monday and will be requesting a referral!

Good plan and good luck! It is the only way to get the treatment you need because so little is understood about MAV by general doctors. Big hugs to your babies.


Hi Kelsie

My mav was really bad after my 6 wk checkup. This was my second child too. It took about 8 mths to get diagnosed. My neurologist said that it could be because of hormones from breastfeeding. My little guy was Hungry all the time! The dr put me on tablets (can’t remember what they were called). I stopped taking them as they made me really tired! My youngest is 3 now and I still suffer from mav, but the vertigo isn’t too bad. It’s just the brain fog and feeling drunk that I have now. I am not doing anything for it at the moment.

I am sorry that my post isn’t positive, but I remember going through mav with 2 under 2 and I really feel for you! I hope you find a good dr soon who can help you. All the best!

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Thank you @3birds !

I still haven’t convinced anyone it’s MAV, my current doctor wants to wait another month and see what progress I make on my own just letting hormones adjust because she doesn’t think it’s anything else/anything serious. The only thing she said to do was take some allergy meds to help unblock any swelling/fluid retention in my ears and nose.

I just have a bad feeling that I’ll be going to that follow up appointment in three weeks with no change and just starting from square one all over again!!

How are you feeling? My symptoms started 9 months p.p. and are still hanging around (my youngest is 20 months). I feel for you. :pensive:

Hi Kelsie

It may be worth you checking out the symptoms for PLF (Perilymph Fistula) as these can happen during giving birth. I have PLF due to baro trauma and share many, many MAV symptoms (my PLF was visible during an operation to patch it) but the surgeon said he has some patients that he has diagnosed with MAV (including the nurse who looked after me after the operation) who he suspects may have a PLF but it wasn’t visible and he could see no visible trauma to the Perilymph. But giving birth is considered baro trauma so could be worth checking, even if only to cross it off the list. Wishing you well, can’t be easy with 2 little ones at all. Hugs. Tina

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