PPPD - An audiologist’s perspective


Titled ‘Anxious … .and off balance’ and relating to a lady diagnosed with PPPD, this article contains a lot of Material which will resonate with MAVers. I was think of PPPD as being the result of uncontrolled MAV, a consequence for some MAVers. I doubt that applies to every case. I know Anxiety doesn’t cause MAV. It certainly didn’t mine but it can both keep it going once activated and even wind it up on exposure to stressful situations. Just maybe the hypersensitivity extends to emotional reaction as much as sensory stimulation. I say this because I’ve seen it happen with me personally. Just this week I’ve an old friend in hospital Intensive care struggling for her life and, PPPD exactly it may not be, but worrying on her behalf is winding up symptoms for me. It doesn’t pay to underestimate the effect of stress on an already wounded vestibular system.


Anxiety is no friend of MAVers. Or any other long term condition I suspect.

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