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PPPD support discord

Hey there!
Just found out about this forum. I was recently diagnosed with PPPD after 7 months, and it’s already been quite a journey.
I just wanted to reach out to as many people as I can - I recently started a support discord, since I know how isolating this disorder can feel. Please message me if you’re interested in joining!


Welcome! Happy to join, please do DM me the link. I presume VM/MAV’ers can tag along too?

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Welcome! I thought about supplementing this site with a chat system, but personally prefer a forum format where when someone contributes, it’s easier to catalogue, organise and for people to find it later via a search engine (either externally or using the site search).

I very much welcome the contribution of PPPD sufferers here. In fact, for all I know, I am one! I no longer view this site as ‘migraine’ focussed, it’s intended for all sufferers of chronic vestibular conditions.

Wish you the very best with your recovery!

Feel free to share your story in more detail.

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Yes absolutely! Seems very common for PPPD and those conditions to be linked too. I’ll send it on over!

You may prefer to paste the link into your opening post, so people can easily find it :+1:

Posting links is not permitted for people who’ve just joined the site.

For good reason.

You need to be at least TL 2.

You need to earn the community’s trust before linking to external resources.

thank you very much!

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If you need someone to talk to, this forum is widely open for you. Hope to hear more from you!