I’ve just started taking 50mg of Lyrica 3 times a day. I’m on about day 3 or 4, can’t think straight to work it out, but since the very next morning after starting I’ve had a constant migraine. Has anyone else had this, and if so did it stop or did you end up coming off the drug?

Thanks in advance.


I’m in complete panic mode now, because I’ve read that Lyrica can cause fainting. I am very phobic about fainting, and the fear of it from being dizzy is what’s wrecked my whole life. I’m too scared to go out in case I faint, and now I’ve read that the drug I’m taking can cause fainting. Does anyone know anything about this? I think I should probably just stop taking it.

OK, I’ve read some more, and I’m stopping the Lyrica.

Can anyone tell me if I can just stop dead, or do I need to come off like I went on? I took 1 on Weds, 2 on Thurs, and 3 yesterday. Today I’ve just taken my first one of 3. It’s not many is it, so do you think I can just stop now and not take any more?

I would think that only 3=4 days of a med could be stopped at once. Keep in mind that with meds, they have to report all side effects that happen. You can call your pharmacist and they are usually very knowledgeable about these meds and can probably help you.
I may be wrong, but since I went through a period of “hypervigilance” in regards to taking meds…I researched them to the end, and fed the beast of fear within me…it did me no good to do that, but I couldn’t help myself. IN the end…I take medicines that I wouldn’t have given a chance during that phase. I got so sick that I didn’t care anymore and said what the hell…and it was that attitude that finally broke my fear enough to take the leap. I’m so glad I did. It’s been 2 years now that I’ve had my life back. My side effects are minimal…they started kind of scary, but they went away…I don’t like being on them and I fear getting off of them one day if need be, but they are the only thing that gave me my life…so it was worth it.

I’m just really scared. I don’t know what to do - whether to carry on or stop. I’ve had a migraine since I started them, and I don’t think it could be coincedence. I know I shouldn’t have looked it all up but I did :frowning:

I think it’s unfortunate that you got a migraine headache since you started. Did you call your doctor?
My guess is that with some meds, you can get dizzy when standing and if you have low blood pressure, you could be prone to fainting. But if you don’t have those problems, you should just monitor how you feel. When your chemistry is off, everything gets distorted, including your fear. They can get larger than life, and certainly larger than need be to have some comfort and stability. I promise you that these things all get put in perspective once you get balanced back off. The hypervigilance, the fear, the anxiety all come from chemistry that makes things hypersensitive in the neurons that control this…once these things calm down and get into the normal range, it’s so much easier to deal with it.
I can only speak from my experience. I used to lie in bed with racing thoughts, tears running down my cheeks…trying to meditate, listen to tapes about relaxation, yoga, homeopathic stuff…accupuncture…you name it, I tried it…all to forgo the evil “drug” and their side effects that I thought would be the worst thing in the world.
I was wrong…I don’t doubt some people get better without meds, from lifestyle changes etc…but I really did give it a huge and long to before resorting to medicines, and like I said, Im glad I did. That was the worst year of my life.

Kelley, thank you so much. You’re right - I think I need to calm down and give it a few days. I know that any drugs can have side effects, but when I looked Lyrica up it did seem worse than most other drugs. Also so many people say it stops working after a certain time, so I’m thinking that even if it does work and I work through any side effects, it still might end up not working in the long term. I think I’m just in a negative place at the moment. Thank you for your calming words though - I really appreciate it. I’ve got a cold at the moment too so I guess that could be why I’ve had the migraine - I don’t KNOW it’s the Lyrica, do I?

Thanks again, I will give it a few days and see what happens. Thank you x

Hi, I’ve been on Lyrics for 5 months. My side effect was a dry mouth and raging hunger. Don’t worry about the side effects , they are just comprehensive for legal reasons. Initially expect to be spaced out , even tired but note whether the MAV / dizziness recedes, if it does persevere , the drugged feeling with stop as the body adjusts then with any luck your symptoms will be controlled. With the exception of the depressents all the drugs are heavy duty to be this thing…but it’s worth the price. Good Luck.

Thank you, Fiona. Are you feeling any better?