Pregabalin questions

Hi all

Dr S has told me to add Pregabalin to my Nort. I had to ditch gabapentin and topamax due to excessive fatigue. Is Pregabalin another one which people find sedating?

I did mention to him that I seem to find the things that have a depressant effect on the CNS affect me badly with fatigue so maybe I am better on anti-depressants (like Nort) but he said even the Nort is a depressant as it dampens down the nervous system. Does anyone know how this works? I thought some of the anti depressants were more like stimulants…

My Prescriber’s guide states that sedation is a common side effect of Pregabalin/Lyrica.

Hi methanol, thanks for your reply. Yes I think nearly all meds have sedation as a possible side effect, including Nortriptyline. I don’t find that sedating for me so I suppose it is an individual reaction thing. I just wondered what people’s experiences were of Pregabalin and sedation…

I’ve been on both and the effects are similar which isn’t surprising as pregabalin is the metabolised version of gabapentin. Both helped me sleep at night but neither gave me daytime sedation. We are all different though.

Thanks Katherine. Have you started Topamax yet?

I start it tonight…

Good luck, hope it goes ok x