Pregbalin/ Lyrica

Has anyone had probems with Pregbalin. I’m getting very nauseas and dizzy with it.

Did not work for me, it was like water.

what do you take?

Right now i am taking ami 50 mg, depakote er 250 mg, botox and Cefaly. I stopped Brinttelix yesterday. I was 90% 15 days ago, then i had a relapse.

So, i added Depakote 5 days ago. Next week i will start neurostimulation, for my depression and perhaps it will help with the pression headaches that i have everyday.

i’m thinking of trying botox. Is it helping you?

its strange, but i think it helps in dizzinness…, i tried it 4 times. I think you should try. MAV started in february of 2016. In the beginning, the main symptom was dizziness, now i sometimes have dizziness, but the main symptom is pressure headache.

sounds great, I’ll have a look at that then, thanks

Hope the best for everyone here!!!

yes, me too :slight_smile:

I also had nausea and dizziness with Pregabalin/Lyrica. Taking it with some food helped with the nausea. Unfortunately the dizziness didn’t go away. Don’t think it’s the right med for me so I stopped taking it.

I’m thinking that too unfortunately

How long did you take it for?

I took it for 5 weeks. I felt I gave it a good trial.

Yes definitely.I’m having second thoughts at a week lol

What’s tough is that some of these meds can make you feel worse before they make you feel better. I’d say give it another week or two if you can to see if more of the side effects mellow out. It is a drug that works for some people.

yea I will. You never know it may be ‘the’ drug for me

HI, what helped you with the dizzy feeling? Did you attend VRT and what meds do you take if you dont mind me asking?

I don´t really know what exactaly helped me with dizziness. When MAV started in feb. 2016 the main issue was dizziness, but i also had pressure headaches. The headache and dizziness hapenned all the time when i walked, moved my head or just stand up, sitted or in bed i have no symptoms 95% of time. I still have headaches almost every day, but dizziness just some days, usually one day per week.

What helped me was Ami, botox, cefaly and now britellix (for depression), aerobical exercises at least 3 times a week , didn´t stop working. I tried topiramate (gave me suicidal ideas in just 20 days), depakote ( helped 30% but with many side effects), pregabaline ( like water), duloxetine (like water).

Next week i will start magnetic stimulation for depression, but the doc said there is a chance that it helps MAV. I am thinking about Yoga too.

Sorry for my english, i am brazilian…

hope you the best!!!

I forgot one thing that is helping me a lot, this group.

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