Pregnancy and SSRI use - a systematic review

Hi Lisa,

This review applies to you and will hopefully help you to decide which way you go with this. I haven’t been through the review in detail but it looks like the evidence suggests to use caution.

Scott :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for posting that, Scott. I greatly appreciate it. Coincidentally, I just came from my ob/gyn, and spoke to her again about zoloft. i was having some abdominal discomfort and had to go to doc - luckily, everything was absolutely fine.
Just a side note. Do other’s find it extremely hard to go to doc appointments? It is so difficult for me to stand at the receptionist desk to let them know I’m there. The floor just rocks so violently. Then walking to the examining room is awful, and then of course they want a urine sample, and it is so hard for me to walk to the bathroom. it is just endless torture and all I want to do is cry. Well, I really just want to get better, but that isn’t going to happen during my appt.
The ob/gyn ended up giving me a prescription for zoloft, but she said I will probably need to wean off in the 3rd trimester, as it causes withdrawal in the baby. I’m already 17 weeks along so don’t know if there’s a point. In addition to all the dizziness and other horrible MAV symptoms, I have been having migraine with aura multiple times per week. I’m just not so sure that SSRIs will help such migraines. But, mostly (and I know that what I’m saying is dramatic), I feel like this illness has taken so much from me. It would kill me if the usage of SSRIs (because of this illness) caused any problems with the pregnancy. I just don’t want this illness to take anything else from me or hurt an innocent baby in any way. Again, I know this is dramatic. Of course, I am aware that if the zoloft doesn’t help with the migraines it could help my depression which is pretty severe. Then she wrote a prescription for 50mg, and wanted me to take that. No way!! I just couldn’t go into how our migraine brains make it difficult for us to handle drugs. When I took it for a few weeks in the past I believe I took half of 25mg. I have a feeling that I’m not going to fill the script.

Lisa, if you can suffer through it a little longer, I would hold off on the Zoloft for now. I worry that if you started it you likely would not see much positive results in such a short period of time because it would take a bit to get up to a therapudic dose, and if you saw no results, you may get even more frustrated and down. It is a tough call and whatever you decide, I wish you the best. Ben

Hi Lisa,

I don’t think you’re being dramatic at all and I doubt I’d take it either if I were in your shoes. And to start at 50 mg right off the bat? That would be insanity. I just bumped up Paxil today to only 5 mg and I’m already so jacked up again it’s stupid. I can’t stand this feeling. Another lousy night of being wound up and out of my mind. I might skip a day to drop the dose in my bloodstream. I’ve got my brothers arriving this weekend and can’t be feeling like this. What a pain in the ass this all is.

Scott :?

Hi Lisa, at the moment I too find doctor’s appointments hard. I find standing still the hardest thing of all. Being in a queue or waiting to be noticed is incredibly difficult. I get so self conscious sometimes knowing that I must look ridiculous trying to get from A to B. It can be so upsetting and so depressing. Why can’t I just do the simple things that everyone else takeds for granted?. It makes me so mad. That’s what I think sometimes. I’m better now at getting past those emotions more quickly but I feel them all the time.

You have so much going on at the moment, decisions of one sort and another to make. And you do so well coping with it all. I sincerely hope that somehow things will begin to improve for you Lisa. At least I hope for now that today has been better than yesterday.

Best wishes to you


thanks for everyone’ s feedback. Will most likely not take anything. I’ve been sick this long what’s another many months :frowning:

Brenda - still the same today. Don’t you miss in the past when you are having a bad day, you always know that you’ll have a good night sleep and then next day will be better. I’ve been waiting for that better day for years now. Can’t it come already?


I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. You sound so down right now and I know that your hormones must really be out of whack even more than normal.

I agree with others as starting this and then having to stop it might be worse than not starting it at all. Are you going to have someone to help you when the baby gets here. Those first few months can be so tough even under the best of circumstances especially as far as the sleep cycles.

I know it will all be worth it in the end as children are our blessings…I love both of mine more than anything in the world.

Hopefully once the baby is born you can find the right medication to get you on to having a normal life.

Hope you can at least smile today…go sit out side and get a bit a fresh air perhaps that will help.

Lisa, really sorry things are no better today. It must be soul destroying for you. But that better day WILL come but of course not knowing when and being desperate for relief, that is little comfort to you I am sure. I am quite lost for words because I’ve been where you are and the feeling of hopelessness was overwhelming - I just wanted out of the nightmare I was in. But it’s good to share how we feel and break that sense of isolation. And encourage each other to keep on hoping for a breakthrough. Hope yours comes soon Lisa, I really do. Does it help you to plan things for the baby etc or do you feel thwarted there as well?



I agree that doctor appointments can be really hard. The flourescent lights, the stress, the tiny rooms (I dont do well in small spaces). During one of my recent appointments, I actually had a panic attack while I was sitting there talking to the doctor. I got very hot and dizzy and in the middle of the conversation, I had to ask her to let me lay down for a bit and shut off the lights in the room. So I know where you are coming from.

I hope you feel better, no matter what decision you make. Just do whatever feels best for you and your baby. Either way, it will all be worth it when you hold that baby in your arms. I wish you all the best with this pregnancy, and I am definitely sending good vibes your way!

Thanks for everyone’s kind responses. This is such a supportive group. I just wish we can all get better soon. We all deserve it.

Timeless - Yes, I will have to have help. My husband works very long and late hours, and my parents live a few hours away. I will be hiring a baby nurse for a few weeks, and then I think we have no choice but to have a live-in nanny. I hate that I will be home and unable to take care of my baby. I always imagined having help if I was working. Boy do I miss work. the thought of having someone living with me does not make me happy. But, I do know that I am very fortunate that I will be able to have this help. I’m supposed to interview a few nurses this month, but not really well enough to do that. My hope is that after a few months of taking meds, I will get better, and then can decrease the nannies hours or not have her anymore, depending on whether I return to work. Since I moved I still have to work on psychologist licensure in this state. Thanks again for always posting such kind words.

Brenda- thanks for your very nice words. I definitely think a lot about the baby, which gives me some hope for a future. Right now, there isn’t much that I have to plan. And, fortunately, my mother can help with that. She lives a few hours away, but visit often on the weekend.

Cassaada - sending you good thoughts as well. I am so sorry you had that experience in the doctor’s office. it is a very difficult environment for us.


Sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing along with having a baby. I was lucky enough to make it through two pregnancies with no MAV symptoms and then BAM - the third one was when it hit (thank goodness it was only two weeks before the end). I wanted to encourage you. I haven’t even gotten a clear diagnosis yet, but am convinced I am dealing with MAV. Speak with Dr. Hain on Tuesday of next week. Anyways… I have a two year old and a 4 1/2 mo. old. - girls! It is very hard caring for both of them at times. I have help for a few hours a week from my mother, but other than that, it’s just me. It comforts me to know that most small children just want some cuddling and time. They don’t care what you do as long as they are with you. I pray that I will feel better before they get bigger and want to go out and do other things and hope I will be able to do all of those things that they desire to do.

Please understand that you are important to your children, no matter how you perceive yourself. They will love you unconditionally for you are their mommy! Do the best you can to care for them and enjoy every moment even if you aren’t feeling your best as this time is so precious and when you feel down, the smile of your baby is a definite mood lifter. I have the cutest little baby who constantly smiles, so I must be doing something right!!! Congrats on the baby and hoping you will feel better soon.