Forgive me if this has been discussed at length already, but I didn’t see a specific thread for it. I am wanting to start a family with my husband in the next few months, and I’m just terrified of going off my meds. The verapamil keeps me sane and functional, and going off my birth control is sure to bring on regular migraines (I tried this once as an experiment for my MAV last year and I had migraines for a month straight).

I’d like to know if anyone got through pregnancy ok- by this I mean their symptoms didn’t get overwhelmingly worse, or better yet, did they get better? Looking for some hope here! I’m going to do it either way, so please try to not depress me with horror stories :wink:

Thanks for the support! You are the only people who can possibly understand what this is like!

I’m so sorry to write bad news, but I am pregnant and got worse. I was doing horribly before, so I went from horrible to even more horrible. that being said, most neurologists told me that migraines get better in 75% of women, so I think it is individual. I hope that you are much luckier than me. Even though I am even worse, I don’t ever regret this miracle. I just hope that I find a med that helps me after I have the baby. Unfortunately, prior, I haven’t found the right med for me. lots of luck to you

I went through one pregnancy and my symptoms basically stayed the same, however, I was not taking any medications for my dizziness prior to getting pregnant. It might me a bit of an adjustment coming off your meds. I now take valium which helps me sooo much, but I’m in the same boat as you, I’d like to get pregnant again in the next couple of months. My OB told me in was okay to take valium on occasion during pregnancy if I really need it. Pregnancy is a sacrifice, but it will be worth it. Best wishes!

I started experiencing major MAV symptoms after pregnancy. However, children are the best gift ever and don’t let yourself miss out due to fear. My kids love me no matter how I am feeling and I think like others have indicated that it is all on an individual basis on how you will feel.