I’m turning 27 next month and am seriously starting to think about trying to get pregnant within the next year. I’ve had MAV symptoms for over 6 years now…however I am managing to get by ok.

I’m worried that pregnancy is going to increase my symptoms drastically. Can anyone share their stories with me?

I had my very first MAV attack whilst pregnant and suffered with vertigo episodes both times I got pregnant . I also suffered form dizzy spells on a weekly basis althoujgh I was better than I am now as I got VN in sept which made dizzys constant .
I wouldnt let MAV put you off having a baby if its something you really want and I have know people get better whilst pregnant but you must prepare yourself that you may feel worse.
I only suffered the vertigo episodes in the first 3 months and was fine after that time so once hormones settle chances are you will be at your normal again.
I say go for it ! You cant let this thing rule your life and my children have really got me through this crap I had two babys with MAV and lived to tell the tale and you will too . :smiley:


I haven’t been pregnant, however I have read various posts in the past from people who have been pregnant with MAV. One of them was told by a neurologist that the condition either gets a lot better (symptoms can go completely) whilst pregnant, or symptoms can get worse. I know of two other people on here who experienced the different ends of the spectrum, one member was symptom free during 2 pregnancies, the other had worse symptoms. It seems to be pot luck which way it goes.


MAVLisa recently had a baby, she had a really hard time during her pregnancy. But everyone is different, so you can’t let other people’s experiences determine your decision.

I’m currently undergoing fertility injections to get pregnant (in addition to MAV and other health problems, I also have polycystic ovarian syndrome). I dont feel great right now, but I’m functional. One of the injections I have to take later this week is actually the pregnancy hormone, so I’m a bit nervous about how I’ll react to that. From others I know who get migraines (not MAV, though), the first trimester is usually the worst and then it gets a bit better.

I agree with Blondie, you can’t let MAV completely take over your life. I want to be a mother more than anything, and to experience childhood all over again through the eyes of my child. Yes, I am fearful that my MAV symptoms will get a lot worse, but just because I fear something doesn’t mean it should stop me from trying.

I just had a baby in feb and my MAV sxs got progressively worse throughout the entire pregnancy. My doc said 25% get better, 25% worse, and 50% stay the same. so I fell into the unlucky percentage. others may very well not. and, of course, I would never regret it. have a healthy baby boy. Now, I need to get better and get my life back.

You will Lisa and I hope your little one is doing very well too1