Was anyone pregnant with this or get pregnant what is your experience with that?? Did anyone ever get pregnant with this and terminate a pregnancy…wierd topics i know but just curious it is a huge body adjustment adn just wondering how people dealt with it??

I’m a guy, so I can’t respond from my own expereinces, and I haven’t seen that topic on this forum. I have seen it on another forum that I used to be a regular member of. Most ladies with meniere’s experience an almost complete remission during pregnancy.

Regarding migraines in general, it seems like from what I have read that “most” women experience remission during the pregnancy. The problem is that I am a guy, and I don’t pay close attention to articles that talk about migraines and how they are effected be female hormones.

Hopefully someone with personal expereince will come along and give you mor accurate info than I can.

yes Ive also hear of MDds going away during pregnacy, I was at my healthiest during this time.
everything got better, hair , nails , skin.
but that was before my mav experiance.
the only thing I’d worry about would be after with the hormonal changes some women go through,
after giving birth.


I am currently on Nori 20mg per night - and valium as needed. Getting ready to try for baby number 2. I was diagnosed with MAV a few months after a violent episode of vertigo when my baby was 5 months old. Havent been the same since - but no more spinning vertigo episodes. Just feel pretty much crappy all the time - woozy… like most everyone on this board.

My question is, what are some of the side effects of coming off Nori? And for those of you who were pregnant with MAV, did it return when the baby was born?

Thanks to anyone who can reply.


I’ve never wanted children but I’ve read quite a few posts where people have suffered after childbirth with the hormone changes - I have a friend whose baby is 7 months and she got slammed 3 months ago with this and she’s in a bad bad way.

I personally would be too terrified to try for a baby so I’m quietly relieved that I don’t want them. I have had my condition for 6 months and couldn’t imagine living with this and trying to care for a child - but I suppose it’s the same with anything - if you’re in that boat, you find a way to make it work and survive.

I take my hat off to every mother on this forum that has MAV. Salute.

I’ve been a migraineur for years, but MAV didn’t hit until two months after the birth of my second (and last!) baby. It’s been two years now and I’m still battling it and trying to get the dizzies figured out.

I think there are some women here that had MAV hit during pregnancy, and a few like me where it came on after birth.

The thing is that it will be unique to you. How you react will be different from others. I personally was so sick the first 4 months of both pregnancies, that I would have preferred MAV over the morning sickness! I did have some dizziness at the beginning of my second pregnancy and toward the end started to feel “off” but it wasn’t until two months postpartum that the dizzies started.

She could be having a ‘chemical pregnancy’ (google it to read more on it) but from what you’ve said it seems WAY TOO EARLY for her to know if she was pregnant after only having sex approx 2 weeks ago…

She needs to wait to see if her next period arrives - if it doesnt, then go to the doctor as mentioned above and have a blood test.

I’ve had dizzy spells my entire life but had no clue it was mav…

1st Pregnancy-
I was so sick…Sick the entire 9 months. (Even threw up after I had my son) Nausea-24/7, felt like I was motion sick, hung over with the flu all the time. Sound a little familiar? Had to have a c-section and woke up the next day spinning with the WORST spinning vertigo I have ever had, so bad I couldn’t open my eyes or go see my new baby in the NICU. I could only lay there and cry. The nurses, doctors had no idea what to do. I took some meclizine and just layed there all day. The next day was a little better where I was finally able to get into a wheel chair to see my son but still rocky. Each day got better until it finally went away completely. I just blamed it on all the pain medications and the epidural.

2nd Pregnancy
I know, I know, but having a child is the most amazing thing in the world. It’s worth every dizzy spell. Got pregnant with my daughter and the nausea was a little better and finally got better at 20 weeks pregnant. Got frequent dizzy spells in the last 2 months of pregnancy but nothing horrible. Had a cold, sinus infection and cough going into my surgery, but had to have her. Had my 2nd c-section surgery, everything went great. Woke up the next morning with the same spinning vertigo but went back to sleep. Woke up again feeling okay but got through it. Asked for less pain meds this time to see if that would help. Was feeling so great for 2 days and was going to be discharged from hospital the following day. Woke up with that horrible spinning vertigo again! But why? I was fine the 2 days before? Was it the horomones because my milk had just come it? Was it the pain medications? Or was it that virus and did it just attack my inner ear? I was in the hospital for the next 3 days doing all the tests and 8 months later, here I am still wondering, what is wrong, rocking 24/7.

Will I have another baby? I would love too but not if I am on all of this medication. Why am I still rocky all this time when it didn’t last this long with my first? If I do have another baby, you better believe I will be dreading the day after the surgery but looking forward to my new bundle of joy, dizzy or not. Hey, maybe another baby will straighten things out for me? :smiley: I’ve always wanted to have a big family and I don’t want this stupid vertigo to ruin my dreams like it has already ruined my life.

I dont know much about this but have been worried about this for a while as I have had vertigo all my life with occurrences every 4-6 months. I know that one of the times when I was a kid that I was in the doctor’s office with vertigo they took my blood pressure during an attack and my blood pressure was sky high and I would worry about that while pregnant. I also know my hormones play a big factor with my vertigo so I cant imagine going through a pregnancy and not having an episode but I hope I am wrong as we really want kids in the next few years.

Iv only just found this section and just wanted to say, for years I had vertigo symptoms but only after sitting on a swing spinning or travel, I always get very motion sick since being a child
I had mm daughter 9 yrs ago before the small vertigo attaks they started shortly after but a few a year depending on activities didn’t bother me much
Iv suffered migraines years which also seemed worse after my ddaughter, I know also have a 2 yr old son and it was about 8 weeks after his birth so suddenly vertigo started and it has never left me since
Last month I got told it was mav and wondered if there was ever a link with hormones with it starting after my sons birth

I was just thinking today how lucky I am that I’ve already had my two kids because I could NEVER go off the meds to have another. (Of course, I think I have such bad MAV b/c of the kids, but they’re worth it). And I could never take care of a baby again. My family had to do most of my second’s child’s care for the first year of his life. I was also thinking about how it’s so much easier now that they are 5 and 3 years old (and not 2 and zero!). I’ve been going through a bad spell lately, and I’m so glad that the kids don’t need constant attention 24/7.

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I visited this board but thought I’d check back in with everyone!

Over the past couple years I had been posting that I was really anxious about getting pregnant and having MAV (my husband and I were trying at the time) Well I’'m happy to report that I’m 28 weeks pregnant right now and doing great! Much better than I could have ever thought. I’m not sure if it’s the hormones making me feel better, or if it’s perhaps the staying away from the alcohol and Advil that I used to love, but I’m definitely enjoying the pregnancy. I still have motion-induced triggers such as traveling and boating, but since I’m not doing much of those things these days, it’s been just fine.

I haven’t been through the postpartum hormone surge like the ladies on here have discussed, so I’m not sure what will happen down the road. Keep your fingers crossed!


Like quite a few others, I had my first (and worst) dizzy spell shortly after having my first baby, 2-4 months after the birth. Woke up VERY dizzy and nauseated, but by midafternoon I was fine. That was my first and worst dizzy spell. In retrospect, I’m sure it was a migraine attack.


Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope all goes great for you. Please keep us posted.

I’ve been dizzy and sick since summer of 2006. I’m currently taking Venlafaxine (generic Effexor) and Clonazepam (generic Klonopin). I’m 37-years-old now, no kids yet, but have been considering starting a family, and need to make a decision SOON due to my age.

I am too scared to give up my meds. I am too scared if I stay on meds it might hurt the child. Finally I am too scared that I will be so messed up after childbirth, that I will be unable to properly care for a baby (and I do not have anybody that could stay with me to help).

Have those of you who made it through your pregnancies stayed on any medications that were of the class where it is or might be harmful to baby? I had an FNP tell me Effexor is the one to worry about, but mainly because the baby will suffer withdrawal symptoms after being born. Aren’t the benzo family of medicines harmful in some way as well?

I feel exhausted just being me and making it through each day… I dread the thought of stopping the meds, the one thing that has helped improve my quality of life. I’m beginning to think it would be irresponsible of me if I were to bring a child into my dizzy world. But then I feel like just going for it and see what happens. My Mr. Positive husband thinks if I have a child it will cure me of the dizzies! (He is so great and has been so supportive and patient with me since all of this started… but sometimes I think he’s a bit too positive! :-))
Thanks all.


Congrats on your pregnancy! I have a 6 month old, and my vertigo (at least the MAV vertigo, not BPPV) nearly went away during pregnancy…I felt great! About 6 weeks postpartum, I suddenly felt pretty awful for a short while, but once my hormones leveled out I felt better again (the lack of sleep probably wasn’t helping much either). I’m not sure how things will be when I wean, though. Good luck to you, and make sure to snuggle that newborn as much as possible :slight_smile:

— Begin quote from “MelissaH”

I’m 28 weeks pregnant

— End quote


I wish you and your soon-to-be new family every happiness and hope MAV takes a feckin hike!!


Hi everyone, I am a pretty new 'MAV’er to the group from the UK. I have been suffering for 13 months now, ever since getting pregnant with my son. I am 24 years old, and I was 22 when I very unexpectedly fell pregnant with my little boy Charlie. The giveaway was that I began waking up at 5am for about 2 weeks solid to be sick. I was sick throughout my pregnancy, for the whole 9 months - day and night - at least 2 or 3 times a day, and I was hospitalised due to dehydration twice. When i came out of hospital the first time, I left feel incredibly nauseous, dizzy, uneasy, unsteady and feeling as though I was spinning. The doctors ruled it out as a bad allergic reaction to promethezine tablets. Well, after a horrific 16 hour labour which involved a panicked baby which got stuck and an emergency c-section (during which I was still sick), my baby Charlie was born :-). But, when i got home, the same symptoms returned and never left. Vertigo, spinning, lack of balance, jelly-legs, heavy-head, light-headed etc…

This is where my diagnosis comes in. My ENT and neurologist believe that the cause of the MAV may have been due to the extra pressure put on my brain during a full 9 months of the extreme morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum). He thinks it could have been all of the wretching and throwing my head forward to be sick up to four times a day, everyday (sorry about the mental images). I was really poorly while pregnant, and aren’t any better now. I feel as though I’ve been robbed a bit of some of the things that normal new mum’s do when they have a baby :-(.

It has made me think twice about having another baby, as it has been and is very had work being a MAV mummy, but i would just offer lots of support and good luck to women who are thinking about having children who are dizzy conditions. And I have so much respect for thise mum’s who do have these conditions and who still have to get on and look after their children every single day - its not easy!

Emma xxx