Pregnant and barely able to get out of bed

I recently discovered I am pregnant, which my husband and I are so excited about. However, I had to stop taking the only medicine I have found that helps me feel better, Clonazepam, because it’s a Category D drug. I am feeling absolutely horrible. I am extremely dizzy and off balance, seeing double sometimes, headaches, my body is completely weak and shaky, tired, and these symptoms are 24/7. I’ve actually had this 24/7 for about a year now, but Clonazepam helped quite a bit. I haven’t been able to work for 9 months now because of my MAV, but now I am also barely able to do anything but lay in bed or sit on the couch. I am going crazy! Does anybody know of any natural remedies that might help me feel better? Has anyone tried vestibular therapy? My neurologist mentioned that, but also said it might make me feel worse. Any help or suggestions is much needed.


Lauren Im so sorry no one replied to your post , I have just had a baby whilst having MAV and I can say the first 14 weeks were tough I wasnt housebound though and did continue working so I wasnt extreme as you are feeling now.
BUT I got so much better from 14 weeks my MAV symptoms had nearly disappeared infact and I was really well until 37 weeks and it did begin to go downhill at that point but what Im saying is you might find you get a lot better once the first three months are over.
I did stay on amitriptyline throughout pregnancy which is an anti-depressent maybe you could try this? I was on a low dose and my baby is perfectly healthy. My heart goes out to you feeling this rotten whilst pregnant as I know how it feels.

My son is 6 weeks ol now and my MAV symptoms are improving slightly I was horrendous after the birth though so try to prepare yourself for that but for nw see if theres a safer med you can take.

VRT could help you an try and walk if you can I know its hard but its important to try and keep moving XX