My name is Trisha and I am new to the bored. I have been dealing with MAV for about 2 months now. I have gone through a whole bunch of different symptoms! Luckily, my diziness and vertigo “episodes” have subsided a lot. I had about a full work of being dizzy free where I started to get my hopes up. While I still feel the diziness, it is no where near as bad as it used to be. However, I have a TON of pressure in my head, face and ears all the time now. My ears are constantly popping and I feel more foggy than dizzy. Has anyone else experienced this?!

I started having my migraines about 8 months ago and in the beginning the head pressure was so intense it felt like someone was pushing down on my head when I was standing and it was almost constant. I also had a hard time concentrating at work. It’s gotten a lot better but yeah, pressure was/is one of my symptoms but it continues to get better :slight_smile:

My migraines are almost purely of the pressure variety (my head feels like a balloon or a bowling ball), and my left ear has issues with fullness and crackling. I’ve been having my neck worked on regularly by a physio, as well as doing copious stretching, and the pressure has lessened. Probably not a cure all, but migraines put a lot of pressure on neck muscles, which can in turn worsen pressure around the eyes and ears. Might be worth getting your neck worked on, but I’d advise against chiropractic and choose something more evidence-based.