Problems with Patterns

Does anyone else with MAV related symptoms have several visual discomfort when viewing cluttered patterns for example a basket wave chair, or numerous stripes the patterns seem to move / morph visually as if im hallucinating, this never used to happen years ago prior to being sick.

Yes - swirly patterns on carpets, curtains, stripes on clothing, venetian blinds, walking on brick/paving, all types of things where wavy lines or grid patterns are involved! And shelving in shops, library, etc. - the list is endless.

Yes…just as Barb described :frowning:

Yep. Me too. Pretty much the same.

Yes very much so and as barb says the list is endless. Spend my life having to not look at loads of different objects and closing my eyes in lots of situations. A real pain.

Absolutely! Cane baskets are the worst for me and white walls ( where two corners meet.)

Everything always shimmers!

Count me in too! I’ve had some horrible reactions to almost everything everyone has named.


Wow Barb yep you described it exactly like it is for me, why does this occur?

Yep, cant iron narrow stripy t shirts. Venetion blinds drive me mad. My friend had wallpaper with a pattern with small blobs that drove me crazy when I was talking to her, her chair was in front of the wall. She said her husband was going to wallpaper the room again and I then mentioned the pattern, so she got the same pattern but with bigger blobs, I still had the same problem :lol:


Yes, I get all of the things described above. It’s worse when white and dark colors are together in a pattern. I can’t look at someone with a white and navy/black checked shirt on without feeling really sick.

The strangest thing? My husband showed me something on his computer, a pattern that was supposed to start moving after you stared at it for a while. He showed it to me and said, “this is really going to mess with you.” Nothing moved for me!

Yes, i get that too. Especially with stripes. If somebody is wearing a striped top, to me, it looks like the lines are moving up and down and kind of flashing! The colour red seems to affect me too. If I’m reading a magazine and there is a block of red on the page it looks like it’s flashing! It also happens with the red squares on a scrabble board! It doesn’t happen all the time. Prior to learning that I have MAV I didn’t really understand that this was migraine related. The joys!


Since being diagnosed with MAV it is much more frequent. Since January I have had a number of weird visual symptoms. Flashing lights make me feel really sick, I have to kind of turn my head sideways if I’m driving (not good!)

Ditto what everyone said!

YES I have that it is so bizarre- I didn’t notice it for the first couple years of this- I have this one red rug with flowers on it that shimmers when I look at it- if I mentioned this to a non-mav person i bet theywould think i was crazy!!!

It’s strange isn’t it?! I haven’t heard of anybody else who has this problem with the colour red. Well, that was prior to joining this forum, I’m talking non MAVers, I bet lots of people on this forum have had the same problem. Thought it was a problem with my eyesight originally!

Kathy x x

I’d like to understand the reasons why too…

I can’t handle the grade grid at work, where I have to enter the grades. The pattern with all the squares makes me extremely dizzy every time; I can barely look at it and it doesn’t get better. What I have to do is enter the grades on paper then someone enters them into the grid. I also get dizzy when I enter a craft store. It’s like an assault on the brain and I have to cover my eyes of look down! If I stay there, though, it passes after 10 mns. (either that or I just “look” less?).

What’s up with that? Unlike so many other things, these are clear predictable triggers…

Yes - especially carpets (I think because of their size and the difficulty in being able to look elsewhere).

Yes, I also have the same as everyone else has listed on here. Also lined writing
paper makes it almost impossible for me to write on. I’m better off using plain
paper even if my writing ends up on a slant. I’m interested to know why this
happens to us VMer’s but I’d like to know why a lot of things happen to us.
The mind boggles!! :roll:


I can’t look at stripey shirts.

In the last few weeks I’ve been feeling more symptomatic and I can’t handle looking at a pavement, or even stones on a pebbley bit of the side of a river. Or the lines on the material of my jeans.

It’s like there’s too much sensory vision to process.


I don’t like high contrast stripes, I told Dr Silver his shirt made me feel funny :lol: I too find that narrow stripes on a shirt seem to move and shimmer and confuse me. My Dad went out and bought some plain shirts for when he visits me because he used to only wear checks and stripes.

I am also intolerant to flashing lights and general visual motion.

Hahaha! Katherine, I love it! I’m surprised he chose such a shirt since he sees migraineurs every day, all day!
That’s so cute of your Dad buying special shirts to come and visit you :slight_smile:
Kathy x