Processed meats

Hola mon amigos!

I hope this message finds you all at least a tiny bit less dizzy at the moment,…

I’ve a question re diet, I’m religiously staying away from cheese, citrus, msg, sweeteners, chocolate… And have done so for 4 months now. But I find it very hard to cut out processed meats… Sausage, bacon, ham… It’s so hard. Does anyone have any tips or any recommended substitutes?

I’ll update on my current hell wi Topamax in a few days. Suffice to say, I resorted to hitting the bottle. The one marked ‘Sauvignon blanc’ and have totally run off the rails lately as I’ve really had enough of those pesky White pills… On that note… :frowning:

Bon nuit and look forward to hearing any meat related advice :smiley:

Mm x

I honestly just try to stay away and figure it’s healthier that way anyway. We do have a brand of packaged meats here I think it’s hill shire farms that has no preservatives or msg, I buy that sometimes. Im having a hard time giving up soup, I always want to get soup at work but can never be sure of what’s in it : ( I did have a weak moment yesterday and got the roasted red pepper with Gouda soup , mmm it was good, and although it made me thirsty from the sodium im not sure it gave me any other Ill effects…
I will say the whole diet thing is hard, sometimes I just want coffee, or cheese or chocolate!!!

Have you tried adding anything back into you diet? You may find that some of the food you gave up doesnt have any affect on you. I was eating the preservative free deli meat, but have cheated and found there was no difference. I still wont drink a big caffeinated beverage, but an occasional piece of choc or half a cup of coffee has worked for me. (luckily I don’t LOVE chocolate).

I have a blood sugar problem so need protein a lot. This proves difficult if avoiding cheese, nuts, meat etc. I kept a diary for years and found it hard to work out what ingredients in food I was reacting to. Now, a lot of the time I eat it, mark down if I felt OK day or two after, eat it again. Eventually some sort of pattern emerges. I can eat the co operative chipolatas no problem but most other sausages cause problems, I can eat bacon, I go easy on ham and I eat a small amount of cheddar cheese a day. I cant touch nuts. I find, the answer with me, is not too much of anything, that way, if I get a reaction its generally mild.