Propranolol question

I know it isn’t wise to skip doses or come off of them suddenly, but I do this frequently. I usually take 2 tablets of 10mg a day whilst at work, at weekend or on annual leave I usually take one a day or just a few in a week. I’ve not had any affect from this, is it because the dose is so low anyway?? The reason I don’t take it when I’m not at work is because I find that I don’t get attacks… Work is very busy, with lots of noise, lots going on, and I find this a trigger for the dizzies, but obviously out of work I’m not in that enviroment so even off of the tablets I don’t get an attack…

Now for instance, I have been off work ill with swine flu for 6 days and haven’t taken any propranolol. I’m feeling abit heady anyway, but this could be because of the flu. I rarely take them when I am off ill…I mean if it was a sickness bug the tablets wouldn’t stay down anyway, so surely that’s the same as not taking them???

Hi Kaz – I’m moving your post to the general discussion area where I think more people will see it.

Best … Scott