Prozac and fish oils

Hello everyone. I am new here, so hello! I am glad i found a site that might hold some explanations for me I think I am clutching at straws here. Having been diagnosed with labyrinthitis in 2010 and taking SERC since, I have also started Prozac a few days ago after taking sertraline for depression but the latter not having much effect. I also take omega 3. My vertigo today is the worst it’s ever been. Ok When I am facing forward but bending down or looking down or sideways I am spinning around like a drunkard! I dont take alcohol! My head feels very full and hot, with moderate headache no real nausea. I am female and it is TOM for me also. Can anyone shed any light on Prozac or fish oil causing an increase in vertigo/headache

Sorry I meant to add that I think I might be suffering from mav not labyrinthitis!

Hi and welcome. I don’t know about Prozac (haven’t been on it), though starting on any new med can make your symptoms worse at first. A lot of us try to stick it out to see if it’s just a phase, while others find the worsening is just too much.

Haven’t heard anything re fish oil and dizziness one way or the other.

But I thought I’d mention that the hormonal connection may be significant. I had to figure out what “TOM” meant, but I got it! Migraine, whether it’s manifested as headache or dizziness or whatever, is often triggered by changes in hormone levels.

Have you read the “What is migraine?” and “MAV fact sheets” sections, above? They are very helpful.

Take care, and I hope you start feeling better soon.

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