The optometrist and opthalmalogists both confirm that there is nothing wrong with my eyes though occasionally, my right pupil will not constrict like my left one will.

The physical therapist noticed it on one of my bad days.

When Ophta-dude shook his head and said, ‘Nothing wrong with your eye structure, the nerves, etc…’, I asked, “Is it possible that my issue only arises when I’m having one of these migraines?”

“Excellent question and if I recall, it is possible though not very common. Something to ask the neuro.”

Well, my neuro appt isn’t until September 18th and I’m curious.

Anyone here experience this strange phenomenon?

Hello marie-johane,

Yes. This actually does happen to me. When I get bad headaches, my one pupil will look quite a bit larger than the other. I have asked my eye doctors as well and they assure me that my eyes are fine. This also happens from time to time when I don’t have a headache too. There is actually a name for it (when one pupil is larger than the other) and from what I’ve read…it seems to be harmless.

I’m glad to hear it. With every new symptom, I try to figure if it fits into one diagnosis or the other…or God forbid, signs of a third condition on the horizon.

The medical term is anisocoria. In many people it is just a normal variant of how our pupils respond. Since your response is temporal in nature, it is most likely nothing to worry about. Pupil constriction and dilation are controlled by sympathetic and parasympatheic pathways, so with migraine anything is possible as we know.


It wouldn’t hurt to at least have ONE symptom that doesn’t scare the peewad out of me!!! Yanno? I’m fine now, of course - and I thank you for your responses. :slight_smile: