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Hi All,

I want to keep this short because this time last year this subject caused a hurricane on the forum but I’m posting in case anyone ever got mixed up with taking PXP in hopes that it would cure their MAV as was claimed by a once respected and now banned ex-member/ charlatan. The company the person was involved with (Enzacta) was an MLM scheme and geared for making money by duping people with MAV or any other myriad of illnesses for which there is no permanent cure (MS etc). I won’t bore you with the details of it all but it worked in such a way that it kept the person buying the product locked into a situation where they might have felt they had to keep taking it and with no refund after the first batch. There was even a special MAV “forum” set up by this fraudster to help sell the product which, thankfully, no longer exists.

It was just brought to my attention that this person no longer claims PXP cured her MAV but has now moved onto selling a new product called ASEA (no idea what’s in this concoction) for which she now says was her MAV cure (written on a personal blog).

It all highlights the fact that when something sounds too good to be true it usually is and how important it is to be wary of this kind of quackery out there on the web for conditions such as migraine.


Hey Scott,

Thanks for posting about this. I Googled it and, in one hit, got my laughter quotient for the day, if not the week.

Guess what? This amazing product is water. Yes, water! “But how can this be?” you ask. “Every day I drink water, I shower in it, I cook with it, I wash my clothes in it, sometimes I immerse my whole body in it (swim!), yet still I have MAV”. Well, clearly you are not drinking the RIGHT water. This special death preventing water is “hydrating”. Yes, you read right, hydrating. Unlike “regular” water which must, um, actually dehydrate you… It is also chock full of electrolysis (I know, crazy right? I thought that’s how you get rid of unwanted hair but I was waaaay off base with that one). Best of all, it comes from Japan. So this is totally a two for one deal as Japan not only has lots of Ancient Wisdom but is also ground zero for Technology.

You know, it really makes me mad that Traditional Western Medicine keeps peddling all their drugs and stuff when all we need is spectacularly expensive water.


But wait, there’s more! I had to take a little break as I was laughing so hard but this next bit comes verbatim from the website -

Can Strong Kangen water really clean stubborn stains in carpet and clothing and can it really thoroughly clean even a greasy busy restaurant kitchen - all without soap or any other additives?

Well, you’ll just have to find out for yourselves as, in a transparant ploy by Big Pharma:

*In the United States we are not allowed to claim that Kangen water will actually do all of those things. *

It gets better:

“If you haven’t already seen ASEA websites all over the internet, let me introduce you to this ground-breaking product. Owners Verdis Norton, former CEO of Kraft Foods and other fortune 500 companies, and associate James Pack, put scientists to work for 16 years developing what others said couldn’t be done. They have stabilized outside the human body particular molecules that are NATIVE to the human body and put them in a bottle.”

So let me get this straight. They have isolated molecules in a bottle that are native to the human body …what, like H2O? Fat? Carbohydrate? It took “scientists” 16 years to do this? :lol: And, wait for it, it cures MAV too …

and this from the seller: “It’s great isn’t it? Pharmaceutical companies ought to start diggin’ their graves.”

Posted on mvertigo 19 March 2009: “PXP got me dancing and driving and 100% YES 100%, dare I say the word: CURED!”

Posted on personal blog 17 January 2010: “Imitrex should NOT be used with MAV, it will only lead to a rebound effect. Go to: juliesasea.com to see what finally TOTALLY rid me of my symptoms.”

What a shocker.


Is this person still cured, didn’t she take many meds if it is the same one I that e-mailed me about this.

Scott, I will see your (implied) “ridiculous” and raise you a shout it from the rooftops WTF??

This also, straight from the website:
ASEA is heavily patented. Its ingredients are native to the human body. (This is not a supplement - everything in ASEA is naturally found in a healthy body.)*


a) Are there degrees of patent? Can a product be “mildly” vs “heavily” patented? I would suggest not.
b) The “ingredients” are native to the human body. So…why do we need more of it??
c) Can you patent things which are native to the human body. Like, for example, water. I’m no expert but I’d suggest not.

You know what else is native to the human body? Crap. I wonder how many years it would take a team of scientists to bottle and patent crap??

Ha, Ha, Ha, sounds like they already have!!!

Hi Vic and Sally,


Is this person still cured, didn’t she take many meds if it is the same one I that e-mailed me about this.

Here’s what probably happened:

  1. This person never had MAV at all. It was a ruse to sell garbage and make a profit.
  2. The person does have MAV but is currently treating it with Pristiq and a benzo.
  3. They entered some sort of spontaneous remission.

I would bet the farm on number 2.


Don’t know whether to laugh or cry really…

When the doctors tell you to drink lots of water, they obviously forget that only ASEA water does the trick, after all, it HYDRATES. Better yet, if you mix this with PXP and drink it 10 times a day, you will not only get back to normal in no time, but will soon find yourself to be the Nietzschean ubermench incarnated.

Good God Mikael, are you insane??? If someone took PXP and ASEA water the combined detoxifying effects would give the person so much energy they would EXPLODE! Or rule the world.

I actually tried this stuff a year ago. It was total rubbish. So there you go – proof that it does nothing.

I have a related question for the forum. Has anyone tried the “dzugan method” involving an expensive regiment of hormone replacements and supplements? I had looked into it but it was too much money for me. Also, if I recall correctly, there were only two MD’s in the states who were affiliated in any fashion with this group. That made me wonder if it was legit. Good luck to all.


— Begin quote from “Victoria”

c) Can you patent things which are native to the human body. Like, for example, water. I’m no expert but I’d suggest not.

— End quote

Well, you can patent genes, which is, pardon the language, fucking ridiculous, so who knows. Water is obviously not patentable, though.
Where does it state that it’s water? I only had a quick look around.

Edit: Apparently, adrenaline and insulin were patented 1906 and 1923, respectively. Vitamin B12 has also been patented. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_patent
It doesn’t mention if these patents are still valid, and if so, how the heck that works.


as anyone tried the “dzugan method” involving an expensive regiment of hormone replacements and supplements?

Yes, I have and so has Molly. I can’t speak for Molly but I can tell you that in hindsight, it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. It cost a fortune and in my opinion is all complete quackery. I fell for it because 1) I read his book which seemed to provide evidence (cherry-picked unfortunately), and because a friend of mine (an MD) used it and saw results for the first time in years (it didn’t stick and was probably a short spontaneous remission). The whole bioidentical hormone thing is nonsense:

scienceblogs.com/insolence/2006/ … _a_jou.php

Save your money and stick with what the science shows: lifestyle adjustments first, then a migraine med to aim for a further reduction in symptoms. A good result for the latter should bring a 50% or more drop in frequency and severity of symptoms. Combined with lifestyle, a migraineur should be able to permanently put this junk on the back-burner.



Thanks for taking such good care of us!!! :mrgreen:



Thank you.


Hi Tran,

Now that you mention it I have heard of patenting genes, amongst other things, and agree with you that it is totally insane. Having said that, given that we all have faulty migraine genes maybe we could sue someone… :wink:

I saw a doco recently called “The Corporation”. Apparantly there’s talk of privatising water and air if not life itself. I may be overstating that but you get what I mean…


This about sums up what PXP was all about. An entertaining watch:

- YouTube)


— Begin quote from “scott”

This about sums up what PXP was all about. An entertaining watch:

- YouTube)

Heh, I figured you might have been the “scott” I saw commenting on some blog with this video posted. :wink:
This might sum up ASEA (haven’t looked back at that), but come on, PXP at least contains rice = food, no matter how bogus the rest may be. :stuck_out_tongue:

— End quote

I never left a comment there actually! Have to go look now. The “dragons” really give that guy hell in the video eh? LOL. Funny stuff. S