Question about a Symptom

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have the “Heavyness in the head feeling”? Along with Motion… my head has this heavy like feeling and is uncomfortable. Medication gives me some relief. Which medication helps you with this symptom?


Oh yes, I feel this quite often. It feel like a monster pushing down. No medication has help yet.
Hope you get some answers.

I get this all the time in various different forms. Sometimes feels like an elephant sitting on top of my head, sometimes feels like the head is going to explode and sometimes feels like its stuffed with cotton wool, bit like a head cold.


Yes, this a major symptom for me too and quite unrelenting. I honestly can’t remember what a normal head feels like. At times I liken the leaden feeling to when you knock your funny bone and your arm goes sort of weird and numb. Or like when you go to the dentist and have a local anaesthetic, except the heaviness and strange feelings are in your head. And sometimes I feel as if my head has been filled with too much wet concrete and it’s set but has expanded in too small a space. It’s very difficult to describe the heaviness but it can be extremely draining and wearisome to put up with.
Unfortunately I haven’t found anything that touches it, not even eases it. I just find it’s better at some times than others but I’ve no idea why.


Yup, I am another heavy headed forum member. I sometimes describe it as if my head feels like a bowling ball. I have a lot of neck pain along with this as my neck feels like it has to hold up 1000 pounds. I get to certain points during the day that I just can’t hold my head up and have to lay back. I have started on verapamil about 2 months ago at a very low dose and I think at times I do get some relief from the heaviness from this med.

Yes, me too. The concrete setting and expanding in too small a space chimes with my experience. Touch wood I am doing better than I was a few weeks ago and am getting a break from heavy head. I think (although am not sure) that my symptoms are controlled to a degree by propanolol. That is probably what’s giving me relief.


I also feel this symptom - especially when my dizziness is at it’s worst. Often when I am most dizzy I will subconsciously slow and control my head movements and I think by doing so I tense my neck muscles which exacerbates the problem. I have found that if I really try to move my head more naturally (and this is an effort when I am dizzy) that it helps my neck and eventually the heavy head feeling.

Sounds like this heavyness feeling is fairly common?? Many of you described it in various ways. I believe the heavyness for me is more prominent when i’m more or less having some bad days…when things are sort of out of control and i just have to wait it thru. It’s like my head is Stuffed with heavy energy of sorts…like this energy is trapped so i have this full…squeezed, heavy feeling that has no place to go so it just sits there.

Thanks for your shares!


Wow, I’ve never had anyone else “get” the feeling of the expanding brain/shrinking skull. I didn’t realise that was a migraine thing, just thought it was me… :slight_smile: I also get the heavy, cloudy, wooly feelings. So many different types of head fog there aren’t enough adjectives to describe it.


Cmoc…you said that sometimes you feel like an elephant sitting on top of your head…wow…now that is heavy! Sometimes not only does my head feel heavyish…i also feel like my head is in a Vice. So two things going on…heavish and a squeezed like feeling in my head. No fun!