Question about distraction

I am performer and since this has started with me, I have had to perform in several shows. I was EXTREMELY anxious about how it would work but during the actual performances, I was totally fine. it could have been the luck of the day being moderate to ok but I am wondering if there is some other reason. Does anyone else have that experience? I am still not 100% sure on my diagnosis so just trying to put more stuff together. One Dr thinks I may have CSD and I am wondering if the fact that my brain seems to shut it down when I am performing indicates that?

Absolutely. My condition improves a lot when I’m distracted by something interesting. Very brave of you to continue performing with this condition but I definitely believe distraction or rather focus on something interesting is the way to happiness and mental health. Being bored or aimless will only increase the chance of being preoccupied by the condition and that’s a slippery slope into misery - there again I’m posting here quite regularly: what does that say about my level of preoccupation? I guess I want answers like everyone else …

I have had times when MAV symptoms have poked in on a conversation or activity but actually rarely.

I am doubting my diagnosis big-time, but over the past couple of years I noticed that distractions can be helpful too. As long as they aren’t stressful distractions! For instance, I taught a college course 2x a week for a couple of years, and was almost always entirely fine while teaching. Even if I felt a small sign of something oncoming while teaching, it was very easy for me to push it away temporarily so I could go on teaching without interruption.

I am a musician and perform often. I am sitting down in an orchestra so the dizziness is not such an issue but nausea and brain fog occur which is sometimes so bad I forget how to play my instrument or how to read the music. I have been much much better in that respect since starting nortriptyline I am delighted to say because it was really getting me down. So distracton for me didn’t work I am afraid.

Crikey Margaret how do you get on with the loudness? I’m a singer and pianist and my hearing now makes it much less comfortable to play.

Sometimes I feel like putting cotton wool in my ears! It isn’t easy but I love playing in an orchestra so I just put up with it. I have actually bought some invisible ear plugs which I may well resort to using but don’t tell the conductor!!!

That’s a great idea. You can buy musicians ear plugs that lower the volume a few notches.

Brilliant idea, thanks.


Distraction doesn’t work for me the dizziness is there until it decides to right itself -however what helps with the severity of the symptoms is staying calm and chilled about it .
Anxiety does not cause MAV but can makes the symptoms worse for longer.
Maybe as you focus on the performance your anxiety and preoccupation goes down a little ?

Thanks everyone. I don’t know- seems so weird because I had horrific anxiety about one of the shows this summer and yet the dizziness was lessened.

I definitely know my preoccupation goes down when I am singing so maybe that was enough?

By the way- I am in a rock band too and I always wear an ear plug on the drummer side. The loud music hasn’t seemed to make anything worse- another reason I am thinking, “Do I have MAV?”