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I’ve seen several posts here in which people mentioned the Vestibular Migraine Professional Facebook page. I want to join this but don’t want to use my real facebook name for privacy reasons. So last night I opened a new FB account with a new name and requested to join the group. A box popped up saying something about this group is based on science and evidence discussions and there will be no talk of religion and something else and it asked me to answer the question. There was no question per se so I responded that I’d like to join the group and I’m fine with what was written in the box or something along that line,

I haven’t yet received an acceptance to the group, but even stranger when I do a search on Vestibular Migraine Professional with my new name (the one I used to join) this site no longer shows up, yet it will show up when I do a search with my old name.

Anyone who is a member of this group have any idea what’s going on? Did it not like that I used a fake name? or a name that as of yet has no friends or isn’t a member of any other groups? I really want to keep my privacy with this and am not at comfortable using my real name.

The same thing happened to me, they no longer show up when you search because they have now blocked you. Not a very supportive or friendly attitude. Seems a bit mean when all people are looking for is a lìttle help getting through this. This forum provides a much safer space for sharing and caring☺

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Cassandra - at least I’m not the only one. It does seem very strange though. Why would they do this? I didn’t say anything offensive in my “answer to their question” but there never really was a question to answer. I don’t understand.:thinking: They could have at least responded with a reason why I was rejected and then blocked. Guess I’m just a little to sensitive.

The admins police profiles before signing them up. Folks get removed if they don’t adhere to the rules. They want to prevent folks who got kicked out from getting in with dummy profiles. If you know the admins(scott and some others) message them directly and they will let you in

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I was able to get a note to Scott and he got me in. Thank you!!


Super @bookworm you are an old timer so I suppose you know Scott?

The forum has some major policing in place if you know Scott :slight_smile: